Why Tourism in Spain is Booming Right Now
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Why Tourism in Spain is Booming Right Now

Between its vast array of landscapes, inviting atmosphere, and rich cultural history, it’s no wonder Spain is well on its way to becoming the second most popular tourist destination, according to the World Tourism Organization. The European country has seen over 80 million tourists in 2017 alone, which is good news as tourism in Spain accounts for 11% of its economy.

Considering taking a vacation in Spain? Travelers may be familiar with the central capital of Madrid, or the Catalonian city of Barcelona, but perhaps may not have considered alternative cities which encapsulate everything we love about Spain. We’ve highlighted our top reasons to visit this beautiful country along with some of our favorite tourist destinations.

tourism in spain view of malaga spain

Remarkable Culture in Málaga and Almeria

Spain has quite a history and its story is told all over the country, much of which can be found in the southern region of Andalusia. The coastal city of Málaga, for example, has many cultural attractions. Tourists can make the most of their trip to Picasso’s hometown by visiting the museum that displays his artwork, as well as explore the many Roman and Greek archaeological sites along the coast. Incredible views of the city can be seen from atop the Alcazaba of Málaga: a Moorish castle and the second largest Arabic fortress in Andalusia.

Favorite Malága Resort: Marriott’s Playa Andaluza

Just a couple of hours away is Almeria, dubbed the “Spanish Hollywood” because of the many famous films shot there, including Lawrence of Arabia, Conan the Barbarian, and some episodes of Game of Thrones. Movie buffs may recognize the untouched dunes and beaches as the backdrop for many Spaghetti Westerns. With so much of Andalusia’s rich culture to experience, you’ll want to devote a couple of days to explore this incredible region.

Favorite Almeria Resort: Vera Beach Club

tourism in spain plate of Spanish dish paella

Delectable Cuisine in Alicante

When you think of Spain, most likely what may come to mind is its world-renowned food. For a true Spanish treat, make sure you travel east to the city of Alicante. One of the best tourist spots in Spain, Alicante is also the birthplace of the traditional paella, an Arabian influenced dish made with saffron rice, vegetables, fish, and various meats. Wander the streets to discover dozens of top-rated restaurants offering Spanish tapas, authentic Mediterranean entrees, and everything in between. And don’t forget to check out the wine menu, taking special note of the critically acclaimed Alicante native, Fondillón, a semi-sweet, barrel-aged red guaranteed to please the palate of any wine enthusiast. Easy access to the Alicante Airport makes this foodie destination spot a no-brainer.

Favorite Alicante Resort: Onagrup Club Ogisaka Garden

tourism in spain snow capped mount teide in tenerife spain

Impressive Attractions in Tenerife

If you’re looking for a unique Spanish experience off the mainland, hop over to the Canary Islands, an archipelago located off the coast of northwestern Africa. Travel to the largest and most popular of the islands, Tenerife, and enjoy a myriad of attractions and entertainment options, including theme parks, boat tours, jeep safaris, and snorkeling. One of the biggest draws to the island is Teide National Park. Here you’ll find Mount Teide, a dormant volcano over 12,000 feet tall, making it the highest point in Spain. Hikers can climb the mountainous terrain and the less-adventurous can take an eight-minute cable car ride to the top. On clear days tourists can enjoy breathtaking views of the islands and even north Africa!

Favorite Tenerife Resort: Fairways Club

tourism in spain palm trees on beach in mallorca spain

Dazzling Beaches in Mallorca

No vacation in Spain is complete without a trip to the beach. Boasting an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Spain is the perfect destination for relaxing beach vacations. For tourists looking for an elite status holiday, take a plane or ferry to the Balearic Islands, found off the eastern coast of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea. Visit the island of Mallorca, which is claimed to be the best island in Spain and second best island in Europe as well as a favorite vacation spot for the Spanish royal family. With pristine white-sand beaches, picturesque mountain ranges, and five-star rated luxury hotels, Mallorca is a must-see destination for anyone looking to experience a piece of paradise.

Favorite Mallorca Resort: Marriott’s Club Sun Antem

Plan Your Spanish Getaway

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