Vacation Innovations Announces Partnership with Tritium Partners
November 13th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Industry News

Vacation Innovations, parent company of SellMyTimeshareNow, Timeshare Broker Services, and others, has announced a new partnership with the private equity firm Tritium Partners. Recently known for having a hand in the rapid successes of brands like HomeAway® and RetailMeNot®, Tritium’s expertise in travel-related marketplaces will help Vacation Innovations grow and continue to provide newer and better options for those seeking timeshare resale and rental opportunities.

What the New Partnership Means

Working with Tritium, Vacation Innovations plans to expand its emerging suite of products and services supporting major developers, independent resorts, and associations with the goal of furthering connections between the primary and secondary vacation ownership markets. Since beginning as a title agency in 1999, Vacation Innovations has expanded to provide a wide range of marketplace services designed to help every consumer in the secondary market, a mission they’ll continue with help from Tritium.

“Our mission has always been to provide viable, legitimate solutions to timeshare owners, travelers, associations, resorts, and developers alike,” said Scott Roberts, CEO of Vacation Innovations. “We’ve spent almost two decades working to build a fluid secondary marketplace for all participants that today ranks as the largest global timeshare resale and rental marketplace. Alongside that, we have developed innovative products, business practices, and lines of service to help owners and developers overcome issues and challenges inherent to our industry, including compressed resale values and defaulting mortgages.”

About Tritium Partners

Tritium Partners was founded in 2013 to focus on buyouts of growth companies in the lower middle market. For more than a decade, the company’s founders have spent more than $750 million in equity capital while partnering with the best company founders and executives to build market-leading companies. Tritium focuses on helping profitable companies create long-term value through internal growth initiatives. They do this by zeroing in on three simple sectors: internet and information services, supply chain logistics, and financial and business services.

“Tritium Partners’ investment in Vacation Innovations is a huge vote of confidence in our business model and our prospects for game-changing growth. As the original institutional investors in HomeAway, Inc., their team partnered with HomeAway’s executive leadership to design and execute the strategy that ultimately led to its rapid growth, public offering, and eventual sale to Expedia in 2016,” said Chad Newbold, president of Vacation Innovations. “We look forward to leveraging Tritium’s considerable travel marketplace expertise to continue our phenomenal growth, expand our collaboration with the primary market, and support our mission of bringing vacation ownership and timeshare rental to a broader group of consumers.”

The appreciation of the new partnership is mutual, with managing partner of Tritium, David Lack, stating:

“Since our success with HomeAway, we have been actively seeking other great marketplaces in alternative travel accommodations. Vacation Innovations’ market leadership and unique
position in the timeshare resale and rental space caught our attention. [Their] extensive services and resources in the timeshare space still remain vastly underutilized by timeshare owners and development partners. We look forward to helping Vacation Innovations accelerate its growth and develop new alliances with the primary market, strengthen its leading position in the online timeshare resale space, and lead the charge to bring timeshare rental into the mainstream of the vacation rental industry.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Vacation Innovations, SellMyTimeshareNow, and their new partnership with Tritium Partners! In the meantime, find the perfect solution for selling your timeshare, renting it out, or securing a future of great vacations with timeshare resales today!


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