Why You Should Avoid Timeshare Exit Companies
December 11th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

Are Timeshare Exit Companies Legit?

Whether you have acquired a deeded timeshare through a family member or friend, your vacationing needs have changed, or you simply don’t have the resources or time to utilize your timeshare, it might be time to consider your options and potential exit strategies for your vacation ownership.

For anyone who has looked into the different ways to get out of their timeshare, they know it can feel like a complex process. The various laws and legal obligations surrounding this contract lead many owners to rely on less dependable solutions like timeshare exit companies or timeshare “relief” companies to assist in transferring, selling, or redeeming their timeshares. Though there are some exit companies out there that can help, there are far more that use illegal or less desired practices that can negatively impact the owners in the future.

Phrases like, “100% guaranteed!” and “Guaranteed transfer results!” are often used with scam timeshare exit companies as a way to draw in owners and collect up-front fees without ever providing services or utilizing illegal practices in order to get the owner out of their contract. Companies with these slogans, steep fees, and vague selling methods should be avoided at all costs.

One of the most common timeshare exit tactics advised by these companies is for owners to stop paying their maintenance fees while the timeshare is in the midst of being cancelled, which they can use to distract from the services they are not providing and/or with the objective for the resorts to foreclose on the ownership. Though halting payments be a welcomed idea in the moment, it often has lasting, harmful results for the timeshare owner(s), including hits to their credit score and potential lawsuits filed by the resort.

What Are My Options?

Fortunately, there are some reliable “exit” options that can help you sell or transfer your timeshare ownership instead of working with a timeshare exit company:

  • Attempt to sell/give back your timeshare to the resort
  • Hire a licensed timeshare broker (for qualified properties)
  • Utilize a trusted for-sale-by-owner timeshare resale company

Reasons to Choose Legitimate Timeshare Resale Companies Instead

Maybe one of the most important notes to make about timeshare resale platforms is that they are not timeshare exit companies. Online resale markets provide owners the opportunity to create cost-effective and convenient advertisements for their timeshares that will reach thousands of people who are searching for timeshare resales. Instead offering empty promises and vague services, timeshare resale platforms like SellMyTimeshareNow offer a team of independent timeshare experts who are willing to be open and honest with owners about competitive pricing, the current timeshare market, and all aspects of the selling process. Owners remain in complete control of their timeshare, down to the final price on the ad. There are interested buyers searching for timeshare resales just like yours, and legitimate timeshare resale companies like SMTN simply offer a popular platform and various resources to give owners the best exposure to that niche audience.

More Questions on How to Sell Your Timeshare?

Our team would love to answer any and all questions about our services transparently to ensure you feel secure in your decision to work with our company! Talk to one of our representatives directly by calling 877-815-4227.


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