John Hutchinson, COO

“Behind every growing, thriving, forward-moving organization, there are great people. Placing time in developing talent to perform their best every day is worth the investment, tenfold.”

About John

John was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but became a Floridian when his family moved to the Ocala area at the age of two.

Driven by a desire to learn the inner workings of business operations, John was determined to follow an academic path that would lead to his future success. He attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, achieving a BA in Business Administration and Business Management in 1998.

After graduating with his BA, John started working for one of the major rental car brands, participating in their manager training program. He soon sought a change of scenery from his hometown and applied for a transfer to Jacksonville, Florida, where he joined a rapidly expanding garage door company as an associate. John fast-tracked his path at the company by helping them achieve record profits, becoming General Manager of their Jacksonville branch in just three months. When the company decided to make a second attempt at opening an Orlando branch, John was their first pick. He moved back to Orlando, assumed the role of General Manager and set company records in the first year. Just when he was offered the District Manager role, another opportunity came knocking.

With knowledge of what it takes to start up great teams, organize processes and procedures, and implement solid revenue streams, John was approached with an opportunity to become the Manager of Sales for Vacation Innovations in 2005. His ability to lead and inspire the sales team to become top producers earned him the position of Director of Sales in 2008; his organizational development and leadership skills made him the perfect fit for Vice President of Operations in 2010; and the culmination of these achievements led to his promotion to Chief Operating Officer in 2014.

In his current role as Chief Operating Officer, John’s focus is on talent development, revenue stream management, upholding ethical and organizational standards for sales and marketing practices, optimization of margins, and delivery of the company’s brand promise through attention to customer care.