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For those looking to get rid of Festiva timeshare, the options can, unfortunately, be limited. However, timeshare resale is a great option for those looking to shed their vacation ownership in exchange for some cash. features the leading interactive timeshare resale marketplace designed to get your timeshare unit sold. If you're a Festiva Resorts timeshare owner, and you're looking for fast timeshare relief, has the solution for you.

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How to Sell Your Festiva Timeshare places timeshare resale advertisements in front of thousands of site visitors every day. We've made it easier than ever for timeshare owners to place a resale ad, and with just a few steps, you can post your Festiva timeshare for sale.

  1. Gather all your timeshare's details. You may need specific information like number of points, maintenance fee costs, and any money owed for your timeshare.
  2. Calculate your timeshare value. Using our free Festiva timeshare market value survey, you can get a free estimate of how much your ownership is worth.
  3. Get in touch with a timeshare resale specialist to start creating your ad.
  4. Once the ad is live, begin fielding offers from interested buyers.
  5. When you choose to accept an offer, we'll refer you to a trusted timeshare closing company to complete the sale.
  6. The closing process will take several weeks to complete, but once everything is in order and the timeshare has been transferred out of your name, you will have successfully sold your timeshare.

Festiva Timeshare Resale FAQ

If you own a points-based membership with the Festiva Adventure Club, you can sell your membership on just as you would with a weeks-based ownership. The advertisement creation process is the same, and you can still receive a timeshare resale estimate for your membership.

Once you place a resale ad for your Festiva timeshare, it can take several months to receive offers from interested buyers. However, properly optimized ads can speed up the process, especially if you include details that could set your timeshare apart from the rest. For example, if there are any bonus features included with your membership, make sure you let potential buyers know. Offer to cover closing costs during the sale, or price competitively to entice buyers who are looking for the best deal.

Yes. If your timeshare is already listed for sale on, but you need to cover your maintenance fees for the year, you can rent your accommodations out simultaneously. Renting your Festiva timeshare is easier than ever.

What is My Festiva Timeshare Worth?