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Excited about the prospect of joining the Hyatt Residence Club timeshare program, or in love with a certain Hyatt resort? If so, purchasing directly from one of our current owners is your best option for capturing all the luxury Hyatt offers for a fraction of the cost. If you purchase your timeshare from Hyatt, you could be paying thousands of dollars more the same unit.

Browse through our inventory of Hyatt timeshares for sale, you'll see that we offer weeks at many popular Hyatt resorts for a steep discount. Buying Hyatt Residence Club resales is your best way to save money on your timeshare purchase.

If you are a current Hyatt owner and are looking to sell, learn how SellMyTimeshareNow can help you sell your Hyatt timeshare today.

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Why Buy a Hyatt Resale?

There's an easy answer as to why you should buy Hyatt timeshare as a resale—it saves you thousands of dollars. A timeshare resale is sold at a fair market value—meaning that when you purchase your Hyatt timeshare as a resale, you'll only be spending your money on the value of the timeshare itself. If you buy directly from the resort, prices are typically marked up to cover marketing and sales expenses. With timeshare resales, you won't need to pay for these extra fees.

When you buy a timeshare resale, you are getting the same resort and benefits you would have if you bought directly from the developer—only for a lot less! You'll be saving money not only on your initial purchase, but on vacations for years to come. Buying a Hyatt Residence Club timeshare resale is a good investment for future fun and relaxation at any Hyatt resort.

Types of Hyatt Timeshare Ownership

When you buy a Hyatt timeshare resale, you are buying a unit in a deeded or Right-to-Use (RTU) week. The majority of Hyatt resorts are deeded, meaning you own your week for life and it may be sold or inherited as you please. However, four Hyatt resorts currently sell vacation ownership interests according to a 75-year RTU or lease agreement. These ownerships may be sold or inherited, but will revert back to Hyatt upon the conclusion of the lease agreement should you choose not to renew your contract. The four Hyatt resorts which offer RTU ownership are:

What Benefits of Hyatt Residences Club Transfer in Resale?

When you buy a Hyatt Residence Club timeshare as a resale, you will have almost all of the same benefits as an owner who buys directly from Hyatt. These benefits include:

  • Hyatt Residence Club Points—Each Hyatt Residence Club timeshare is assigned a certain number of points that allow you to exchange your timeshare for any other Hyatt resort. For more information about Hyatt points, see our Hyatt points page.
  • Fee-Free Reservations—Unlike some other resort companies, Hyatt does not charge its owners a fee for the first reservation of each year.
  • Membership with Interval International—Each Hyatt Residence Club maintenance fee includes an annual membership with Interval International. You can exchange your Hyatt Residence Club Points for Interval International points at no cost and reserve a vacation at one of thousands of Interval-affiliated resorts

There is one benefit that does not transfer with a Hyatt Residence Club resale—the ability to transfer Hyatt Residence Club points to Hyatt Gold Passport points. Hyatt Gold Passport is a membership program designed to give visitors of Hyatt hotel properties special perks and luxuries during their stays. If you buy a Hyatt timeshare resale, you are still eligible for a Hyatt Gold Passport membership and are able to enjoy its benefits. However, you will not be able to exchange your Hyatt Residence Club points for Gold Passport points.

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