Club Interval® Gold

Because Club Interval Goldalso known as Club Interval—is one of the newer membership options offered by Interval International®. If you're interested in learning more about the Interval International Points program and the benefits of being a Club Interval Gold member, we can help.

Note that Club Interval Gold and Interval Gold are different Interval International membership programs. Although their names are very similar, the programs themselves are very different. Club Interval Gold refers to II's points-based timeshare exchange program, while Interval Gold refers to the second highest level of II week ownership, which includes all of the benefits of a basic II membership, plus several additional benefits for those who upgrade. is an independent resale marketplace where owners can advertise their Interval International® affiliated timeshares for sale and for rent. is not affiliated in any way with Interval International®, its parent company, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

If you were looking for information about an Interval Gold level membership, please visit our II Membership Types and Benefits page.

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What is Club Interval Gold?

Club Interval Gold is a flexible, points-based exchange program which gives members the opportunity to exchange their fixed or floating weeks for Club Interval Points. When you buy an Interval International timeshare, your newly acquired Club Interval Points can be used as currency to apply towards timeshare accommodations within the II exchange program consisting of over 2,900 resorts, or the Interval Options program which allows for alternative vacations including cruises, golf vacations and spa getaways.

Interval International timeshares do not actually exist, but many owners refer to their ownership as an II timeshare due to their resort's affiliation with Interval and the popularity of the exchange company. In other words, only Interval International-affiliated timeshare resorts exist.

Interval International has provided point-owning members with the ability to trade their points for weeks since 1994. The introduction of Club Interval Gold now gives week-owners the ability to exchange their vacation time for points, too. In addition to allowing week-owners to reap the benefits of Club Interval Gold membership, the program also benefits resort developers, as consumers who enroll in the points program are able to reserve vacation accommodations at resorts throughout II's entire network, not only those participating in Club Interval Gold.

Whether you are a timeshare week-owner or a points-owner, you're not required to join the Club Interval Gold program for any specific number of years. If you decide you want to try it out this year, you're not bound to joining again next year. Plus, as a week-owner, you can rest easy knowing you are always in control of your home resort weeks until you decide how you'd like to use them.

Note: is not affiliated with Interval International

How Does Club Interval Work?

In order to participate in Club Interval Gold, you must own a vacation property, which both II and the developer or the association of your home resort considers an eligible vacation interest. Once you have enrolled a vacation interest in Club Interval, your membership is then considered a Club Interval Gold membership.

Club Interval Points are easy to use and provide a convenient way to book vacations anywhere within the Interval International vacation network, which consists of over 2,900 resorts around the world. Your points can be used much like you use a credit card or airline points, except that there are no blackout periods. Your points may be used to visit a variety of different destinations, accommodation sizes, dates and seasons, lengths of stay and types of vacations. The options for using your points are endless.

Getting the Most Out of Your Interval International Points

Club Interval Gold members can choose their ideal vacations from a variety of locations, unit sizes and seasons, and may book as many stays as they are allowed based on their allotment of points. Because the program is so flexible, there are several ways to ensure you get the most out of your points.

  • Have more points than you need for a stay? Trade up to a bigger unit or a better view.
  • Are you short on points based on where you are looking to go? Try a different location or season and trade down to make your points work for you.
  • Planning a big vacation in the future? Save your points and roll them over for when you need them most.
  • Do you own multiple weeks? Combine your points for one amazing vacation.

Looking for even greater travel options? Read more about how Interval exchange works with Club Interval Gold.

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