Buying Legacy Vacation Club Timeshare

Are you searching for the ideal vacation ownership property? A Legacy timeshare is an exceptional choice, and licensed real estate agents can assist you in finding and securing your Legacy Vacation Club timeshare.

Guided assistance
Receive guided assistance from industry experts on what and how to buy Legacy Vacation Club resales at up to 70% of retail pricing.
Hassle-Free Negotiations
Your licensed real estate agent will find properties that matched your needs, present all offers to owners, and negotiate your desired purchase price.
Simple Closing Process
Your real estate agent is with you throughout the closing until you have your title in hand and you can book your first vacation!

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Types of Legacy Timeshare Resales

Legacy Resorts LLC has been dedicated to providing its customers with the most flexible and customizable timeshare options since its inception. These Legacy timeshare resale ownership opportunities feature studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom condominium-style accommodations and plenty of on-site amenities.

Buy a Deeded-Week Legacy Timeshare

Like many traditional timeshares, Legacy Vacation Club still offers deeded-week timeshares to its customers. If you are a vacationer who enjoys knowing when and where they will spend their vacations each year, a fixed week timeshare could be the perfect answer for your future travels. You will never have to worry about the specifics, all you'll need to do is confirm your reservation and pack your bags!

Buy a Points-Based Legacy Timeshare

For those who are seeking more flexibility in the way they vacation, Legacy Points are the ideal program to invest in. With points, you can decide when, where, and how long you are looking to vacation. You'll find accommodations and amenities to match the needs of your changing and growing family and will provide you ample opportunities to travel to the different Legacy Vacation Club destinations located in the United States.

How to Buy a Legacy Vacation Club Timeshare

  1. Choose between a deeded-week or point-based timeshare. Pick the type of Legacy Vacation Club ownership that works best for your vacationing needs.
  2. Browse our available inventory. You'll find hundreds of timeshare options available when you view our inventory of Legacy Vacation Club timeshares for sale.
  3. Make an offer on your dream timeshare. After you search and find the perfect place to spend your future vacations, place an offer. It will go straight to the timeshare owner.
  4. Negotiate with the timeshare owner. The motivated timeshare owner will accept, deny, or send a counter offer for you to consider. Take the time to find a price you are willing to pay.
  5. Complete the sale of your desired timeshare. After settling on a price, utilize the licensed timeshare closing company SellMyTimeshareNow can refer you to for a quick and seamless purchase.
  6. Get ready for years of memorable vacationing! Congratulations, you are now the proud timeshare owner at the incredible Legacy Vacation Club! Start planning for your future vacations with your loved ones!

Legacy Vacation Club Resale Restrictions

Fortunately, Legacy Vacation Club resale owners who purchase resale will have many of the same perks as those who bought through the timeshare developer because of their few resale restrictions and rules. As a company dedicated to family-fun vacations, Legacy Vacations also understands the need for affordable timeshare alternatives. For these reasons, Legacy continues to be a prominent and preferred timeshare program on the resale market.

The process of transferring ownership is simple and before you know it, you'll be able to enjoy the accommodations, amenities, and flexibility of those who paid thousands of dollars more for the same exact timeshare!

Still unsure if you want to commit to a Legacy Vacations timeshare resale? We understand that it can be scary to invest in any type of vacation ownership without trying it first. Consider testing out a Legacy timeshare rental to get an even better sense of what they can offer you and your loved ones on your future vacations! Browse our Legacy timeshares for rent today.

More About Legacy Timeshare Memberships

No matter what type of membership you have, Legacy Vacation Club provides everyone the opportunity to exchange internally for another comparable Legacy timeshare stay at a number of their other resorts. Venture out and try the many properties available within the brand!

Or, if you find you want to try out different resorts entirely, convert your timeshare to external exchange programs through included RCI corporate membership or with the additional purchase of an Interval International membership.

Buy Legacy Vacation Club Resorts

In addition to having access to these amazing resorts for a fraction of the cost on the secondary market, Legacy Vacation Club is an RCI and Interval International affiliate, providing you even more opportunities to travel the globe!

*Brigantine Beach is not within the Legacy Vacation Club network of tradeable timeshare destinations.

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