SellMyTimeshareNow Celebrates Dramatic Growth in Offers to Buy and Rent Timeshares Through Its Online Marketplace

FSBO and FRBO timeshare company is thrilled to see positive quarterly results for their services and products.

Orlando, FL (August 11, 2015) -- Following the completion of the company's second business quarter in June, SellMyTimeshareNow is celebrating a banner year in purchase and rental inquiries and confirmed offers. In the first six months of 2015, the company forwarded 63,629 buyer and renter inquiries and confirmed offers to its advertisers, representing a 44% increase over the same period in 2014. Better still, the company has seen a 45% increase in the value of actual purchase and rental offers made directly to clients or on client advertisements listed on its website. In total, delivered more than $138.2 million in confirmed offers to timeshare owners during the first two quarters.

Timeshare rental offer activity on has grown dramatically in both quantity and value. A 55% surge in the number of offers received in the first two quarters of 2015 delivered a net total of more than $41.2 million in actual rental offers to advertisers.

"The growth in the rental side of our business is indicative of consumers' increasing awareness of timeshare rental as a viable and affordable vacation product, which is a particular focus for many of our marketing initiatives," explained Chad Newbold, President of SellMyTimeshareNow. "For our advertisers who need to sell, the rental activity on has an added benefit, allowing owners to monetize their interval while they seek a buyer."

Confirmed purchase offers on SellMyTimeshareNow have increased at a similarly impressive clip. At the close of the second business quarter, the net total of all purchase offers in 2015 exceeded $97 million (up 33% from the same period in 2014).

"Our goal has always been -- and always will be -- providing utility to our advertisers," said SellMyTimeshareNow CEO, Scott Roberts. "Our emphasis on marketing to attract buyers through our family of websites has produced more than 164,000 buyer and renter inquiries in the last 18 months alone, and the total dollar value of all actual purchase and rental offers submitted to SellMyTimeshareNow advertisers during the same time period exceeds $326 million."

SellMyTimeshareNow. is poised to close out 2015 as a record year for buyer and renter inquires and confirmed offers, with marketing campaigns planned for the second half of the year to support continued growth in both the number of inquiries received and the value of offers delivered to clients.

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