Timeshare Broker Services Posts Dramatic Gains in Timeshare Resales

SellMyTimeshareNow partner company also shows positive growth in 2011 yearly review.

Dover, NH (March 27, 2012) -- Timeshare Broker Services of Florida LLC has reported strong growth during 2011, resulting in increased hiring and facilities expansion for its Orlando offices. As the partner company of SellMyTimeshareNow, Timeshare Brokerage Services provides licensed timeshare brokerage and timeshare rental services for consumers seeking to buy, sell or rent timeshare on the secondary market. The company is the leading online service company for trustworthy timeshare resale, rental and resort services.

During 2011, Timeshare Broker Services sold 1756 timeshare resales, with an average of 34 timeshare resales contracted for sale every week throughout the year. These numbers represent a 42 percent increase in broker-assisted timeshare sales, over sales for 2010. This does not include thousands of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) timeshare resales facilitated through the company's SellMyTimeshareNow by-owner services.

The company has forecast 20 percent growth for First Quarter 2012 brokerage sales over the same period in 2011 and 50 percent growth year-over-year by December 2012. As Q1 draws to a close, brokerage sales are on schedule to meet or exceed these projections.

Although the average timeshare resale price through Timeshare Broker Services is $6,200, the company's founder, Jason Tremblay points out that this average includes branded, non-branded and high-end fractionals that have resold for more than $225,000. This is dramatically different from most timeshare brokerages that only handle resales of the larger, brand name resorts, Timeshare Broker Services does a brisk business in both branded hospitality providers and smaller, independent resorts, noting that lower brand recognition can translate to lower demand and resale prices.

Founder Jason Tremblay says, "Timeshare Broker Services is understandably pleased to see this growth in brokerage sales. Our licensed real estate professionals are trusted by our clients, who appreciate a no-upfront-fee approach to timeshare resales along with an experienced Broker to handle all the details of their timeshare transaction. This growth also reflects the attention we have focused on in-depth broker training and expanded services."

Tremblay attributes the dramatic increase in sales volume to key factors: "Today's consumers value the flexibility provided by vacation ownership and have become savvy Internet shoppers. They recognize the benefits of vacation rentals in spacious timeshare condominiums and want options for buying and selling."

The continuing growth of Timeshare Broker Services of Florida has resulted in expansion of its Orlando offices, more than doubling its size. Effective March 19, 2012 the new Orlando address for Timeshare Broker Services became: 8680 Commodity Circle, Orlando, FL 32819-9000, a location many in the timeshare industry recognize, since it also houses the Corporate Headquarters of Island One Resorts®.

Tremblay adds, "SellMyTimeshareNow remains dedicated to serving the continued demand for great deals on vacation products. We are excited about our growth and delighted to report it at a time when positive business news has been in limited supply."

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