What is Banking?

Banking is most often done in conjunction with an exchange company such as Resort Condominiums International (RCI) or Interval International (II). When an owner isn't going to use his or her week one year, or if they'd like to exchange their week at their home resort for a week elsewhere in the network, they can choose to "bank" their week with the exchange company. This means the week will be held until the next year, or traded within the network with other owners' banked weeks.

Banking can come in handy when owners know they won't be able to make time for a vacation one year, but plan on vacationing twice the next, for example; or if they're planning in exchanging their time for time at another in-network resort. It is important for owners to understand that once they've banked a week, the occupancy rights for that week now belong to the exchange company. Someone else will be booked into that time slot, and it will no longer be available for use during that year. See Accrued Weeks.

When applied to points-based timeshare programs, banking means to put away a number of points to be used later. The same rules apply, and these points, when banked or accrued can be used to purchase time at a specific resort. Banking points is a great way to "save up" for an extra special vacation.

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