Bonus Weeks

What are Bonus Weeks?

Bonus Weeks are generally low-demand weeks which are often offered by timeshare developers or exchange companies as incentives to buyers or current owners. Bonus Weeks are generally the lowest-value, off-season resort weeks. In addition to being offered as incentives, they can also be purchased from the resort as unsold developer owned weeks.

When Bonus Weeks are offered by exchange companies- owners of high-demand resort weeks receive them in exchange for the deposit of their more valuable timeshare week. If you are an owner who is unable to use your timeshare, trading it for a Bonus Week through your exchange company is preferable to losing it entirely. These Bonus Weeks are sometimes refereed to as "Getaway" weeks or "Vacation Escape" weeks, and are are often made available for purchase by members of the specific exchange company for a nominal fee, because they are considered "excess inventory" and are likely to go unsold. Many Bonus Weeks come with specific restrictions according to location, season and holiday, and many have expiration dates.

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