Linked Agreement

What is a Linked Agreement?

When purchasing from the resort, timeshare buyers are often duped into certain arrangements by a Linked Agreement. For example, in areas where laws prohibit the taking of deposits on timeshare property, buyers may be presented with both a Timeshare Purchase Agreement and another, seemingly separate agreement. The first agreement (the seemingly official Timeshare Purchase Agreement) will not call for a deposit, but, in a Linked Agreement, the second will require a deposit to be made. This type of trickery is often heard of in Europe and often within the context of vouchers (often known as "certs") or other vacation club-type promotions.

Linked Agreements are just another reason buyers should be wary purchasing timeshare directly from the resort or management company. With resale, you'll never deal with an aggressive resort salesmen, and you'll be given the time and the tools to adequately research your timeshare and the necessary contracts and agreements without any high-pressure sales tactics pushing you to make an uninformed decision.

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