Starwood Vacation Ownership Fees

Starwood is a great brand to own a timeshare unit with. It offers plenty of opportunities to explore, to relax, and to create memories on your vacations. However, like all timeshare accommodations, there are yearly upkeep fees that need to be paid.

These fees can include anything from membership fees to timeshare exchange fees, and must be paid every year. While the fees are not ideal, most owners find that the experience they get out of their travel options is worth the cost.

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A Breakdown of Starwood Fees

Starwood's ownership fees can include a variety of different fees—sometimes rolled into one fee, sometimes billed separately. When you purchase a timeshare resale, you'll still have to pay some annual dues, but the exact amount of those dues can vary depending on the type of ownership, the location of the resort, or the number of StarOptions points involved in your membership.

In a nutshell, fees go toward paying resort taxes, improving facilities, upkeep costs, and more. We've included this brief summarization of common fees associated with Starwood Vacation Network to give prospective owners an idea of what they can expect.

Starwood Maintenance Fees

This fee is paid by all Starwood timeshare owners. This pays for general upkeep and maintenance of the resort. The cost of this fee varies by resort and typically changes each year.

Starwood Vacation Network Fee

This fee is paid only by owners that can exchange within the Starwood Vacation Network. This includes owners who bought a StarOptions Mandatory resale and received StarOptions for exchanging their week.

Reservations and StarOptions Fees

You may encounter various fees while making a reservation at your timeshare. There are fees for cancelling or changing a reservation, or for banking your StarOptions to use for future Starwood reservations.

Timeshare Exchange Fees

When exchanging your timeshare externally through Interval International, you should expect some sort of exchange fee. These are usually small, but are applicable toward most external timeshare exchanges. Additionally, if you do not have an Interval International membership, there is a one-time fee to join.

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