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What’s the difference between Westgate timeshare resales and those purchased from the resort? While there are slight distinctions, both will allow you to travel to your desired Westgate Resorts property. Ultimately, the biggest difference is the price—a Westgate resale costs up to 70% less! Plus, SellMyTimeshareNow offers an unrivaled selection of Westgate timeshares for sale, available at the industry’s lowest prices.

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Why Buy a Westgate Resale Through SellMyTimeshareNow?

Significant Savings

Westgate resales are available for up to 70% off retail prices.

No Travel Necessary

Buy your timeshare from the comfort of your own home or office.

Skip the 3-Hour Sales Presentation

No need to sit through a long, pressured meeting. Instantly find your ownership through our easy-to-use search platform!

Trusted Professionals

As a third-party, we offer unbiased advice on the perfect timeshare for your needs.

Westgate Resales — What Does Transfer

When it comes down to it, Westgate timeshare resales offer the essentials—the ability to travel to luxurious Westgate properties and savings on your annual vacation. Westgate offers over 28 resort locations around the U.S. providing you with many options to choose from.

In order to keep their members excited to travel within their resort directory, Westgate is constantly bringing something new to the resorts. Westgate properties are frequently updated with new details such as decor, amenities, and new guest rooms.

As an owner with Westgate Resorts, you will receive access to these resorts, as well as the ability to exchange your Westgate through Interval International. With Interval International, you can travel to over 2,900 additional luxurious resorts worldwide.

Westgate Resales — What Does Not Transfer

There are many advantages to purchasing a timeshare on the secondary market including discounts, convenience, and a wide selection. However, it is important to note that your ownership may not have as much flexibility as one purchased directly from Westgate. Here are the major differences:

  • Planning Your Vacation—When purchased through the resort, members have the option to book a vacation up to 11 months in advance. Depending on the package, Westgate resale members have most available travel dates only available 60 days out or less.
  • Timeshare Exchange—Rather than trading in-house, resale owners must exchange their week through Interval International. However, this is a blessing in disguise! Westgate will charge you an exchange fee (typically about $150) as well as an even larger fee if you are choosing a higher season. With Interval, many Westgate resorts have strong trading power, so it may actually cost you a lot less than if you were to trade through Westgate.
  • Unit Flexibility—Those who purchase a two-bedroom lockout directly from the developer may have the option to split their unit into multiple vacations. With a timeshare resale, you may also have the ability to divide your unit through Interval International. However, when traveling with Westgate, you must use your entire week and unit at once.
  • Member Promotions—Some member promotions will not transfer with a resale. This includes exchanging your points for a cruise or tour package. Note that Westgate will likely charge you a large fee to book something as extravagant as a cruise, so in order to use these promotions, you will likely have to spend an extra $500–$1,000 or more. Again, if you would like to try cruising, you can use your Interval exchange points and probably spend a lot less.

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