All You Need to Know About Renting Out a Timeshare
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All You Need to Know About Renting Out a Timeshare

If you are a timeshare owner, you know that life happens and you can’t always take your annual vacation. You may have thought that week would just go to waste, but luckily there are other options. If you’ve thought, “I want to rent out my timeshare but don’t know how,” we can help. Renting out a timeshare is easy, and a great way to earn money back on an unused vacation.

Why Rent My Timeshare?

Typically, timeshare owners enjoy regular vacations at their home resort or exchange to visit an exciting new resort or destination. However, things come up and you may be unable to travel for various reasons. Rather than throw away your yearly maintenance dues, you can choose to rent out your timeshare through a reputable online reseller to get cash back into your pocket.

Renting out your timeshare can get you back what you would normally pay for maintenance fees, and you can put that money towards other things—perhaps even a different type of vacation! You shouldn’t have to waste money, and renting your timeshare provides the perfect solution for you.

Maybe you are interested in selling your timeshare but want to get some money back on your unused timeshare while you wait for a buyer. Renting is a great solution. Plus, many interested buyers like to try before they buy, and it’s possible to get a sale after renting out your timeshare.

How to Rent Your Timeshare

As long as your annual dues and loans are up to date on your timeshare, you are able to rent it out. You’ll want to be sure your resort allows you to check other guests into your ownership without you, but most properties allow this.

Rent out your timeshare in three simple steps:

  1. If your timeshare week needs to be reserved using points, make sure to do so before starting the process.
  2. Contact a reputable timeshare resale company to assist you in setting a price for your timeshare rental. Most recommend pricing it at what you pay for your annual maintenance fees so you won’t be out money and the renter can enjoy a great deal. The company will work with you to craft a custom advertisement that highlights all of your timeshare’s best amenities and features.
  3. Field any renter offers that come in, or allow the individual timeshare rental specialists to handle it for you. Once an offer is agreed upon, simply alert the resort to the names of the guests that will be checking in in your place.

That’s it! Shortly after, you will receive your payment for your timeshare rental and be able to enjoy the extra cash in your pocket.

Common Questions About Renting Your Timeshare

While the process to rent out your timeshare is simple, there are still questions you may need answers to. These are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from people wondering about renting out their timeshare.

How Much Should I Rent My Timeshare For?

This decision is completely up to you! You are in control of the price and in control of what offers you are willing to accept. You can research on your own what other similar timeshares are being rented out for, or you could speak with the experts at the company you’re working with to help guide you.

Oftentimes, owners will choose to rent out their timeshares at a price that will cover their annual maintenance fees so that money doesn’t go to waste. Some more desirable timeshare weeks and resorts can be rented out for more. It all depends on your goals. If you are really just trying to get it rented fast, a lower price will ensure it moves quickly!

How Long Will it Take to Rent Out My Timeshare

Getting your rental ad up and running won’t take more than a few days. But as to when your timeshare will be rented, that all depends. As previously mentioned, the price plays a big factor. Lots of people are looking for the best deal when they seek out a timeshare rental. Additionally, some destinations are just more popular and desirable than others and tend to move quickly.

Fortunately, once you advertise your timeshare, it will be marketed to thousands of interested renters on a global online marketplace. And once your timeshare is advertised, you can just sit back and relax while the specialists take care of everything.

What Should I Do After Someone Rents My Timeshare?

After a rental price has been agreed upon, the timeshare rental specialist will take care of all of the transactional details. You’ll just need to call your resort or the resort your points are reserved at and give them the name of the person that will be checking in under your reservation. Once that is done, you can use the funds you made off your rental for annual dues or anything else you may need!

Rent Out Timeshare with SellMyTimeshareNow

Is renting out a timeshare the right move for you? If so, we can help! Rent out your timeshare with the help of Our seasoned independent timeshare specialists can assist you in pricing your timeshare rental and crafting a custom advertisement for it. Don’t let your timeshare week go to waste, contact us today to get started.

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