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Timeshare Maintenance Fees: All of Your Questions Answered
December 13th 2018

What Are Timeshare Maintenance Fees? Most people are aware that owning a timeshare comes with annual timeshare maintenance fees. These dues go towards the upkeep of your home resort to ensure that everything is updated and running smoothly for continually great vacations. You can think of it like owning a condo—you pay regular condo fees […]

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Why You Should Avoid Timeshare Exit Companies
December 11th 2018

Are Timeshare Exit Companies Legit? Whether you have acquired a deeded timeshare through a family member or friend, your vacationing needs have changed, or you simply don’t have the resources or time to utilize your timeshare, it might be time to consider your options and potential exit strategies for your vacation ownership. For anyone who […]

RCI Membership Fees 2019
December 6th 2018

RCI Membership Fees 2019 RCI (Resort Condominiums International) is the largest external timeshare exchange company in the world and offers its members the ability to trade their timeshare week(s) or points with other deposited, comparable timeshares around the globe. Like other vacation ownership brands, the program updates their RCI membership costs each year. Current owners […]

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Is It Safe to Visit?: California Wildfires Update
December 4th 2018

Is California Travel Safe Right Now? For the past three weeks, news stations and social media have been filled of images of the deadly and unimaginable fires happening throughout northern and southern California. As we continue through the holiday season, vacationers and travelers with plans to visit The Golden State might be wondering if it’s […]

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