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How Timeshare Calendars Work

Timeshare Week Numbers

Each week of the year at a resort is assigned a number 1-52. These timeshare calendars follow the western calendar model, beginning with "1" for the first week in January and continuing all the way through December. Typically, check-in dates for these weeks at most resorts will fall on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can use the calendar or table on this page to see which week corresponds with your desired check-in date.

Timeshare Weeks Vary by Brand/Resort

Please keep in mind that this page is intended as a reference. Each resort has slight variations in how they assign their timeshare weeks. If you are considering purchasing or renting a week at a specific resort, we recommend contacting the resort or a timeshare broker who can help you verify that the timeshare week matches your desired travel dates.

Timeshare Weeks and Seasons

Not all timeshares are tied to a specific week number. Certain types of ownership (like floating weeks or points-based memberships) allow you to reserve a week during a specific season. These seasons are sets of weeks (for instance, 1-16) which are most often grouped based on demand. Use our timeshare calendar to determine if the specific season you are considering contains the weeks during which you'd most likely want to vacation.

2024 Timeshare Weeks

The table below shows the most common check-in dates for each timeshare week (which typically fall on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). Please note that some resort timeshare calendars differ slightly from this version and you should double check with your resort before booking.

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