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Are you wondering how to get more out of your vacation ownership? Timeshare exchange opens up a world of travel options for years when you’d like to vacation somewhere other than your home resort. In this blog, we’ll go over the general process as well as the benefits of exchange.

Why Choose Timeshare Exchange?

Many have the misconception that buying a timeshare means being locked into one resort in one location for every vacation. Thanks to timeshare exchange, travelers can enjoy numerous resorts and destinations around the world.

Most exchange companies offer many additional membership benefits, such as discounted last minute deals. Besides vacation by exchange, both RCI and Interval International members enjoy getaways at deeply discounted rates. Members also receive discounts on unique vacation opportunities like cruises as well as airfare and car rentals.

Types of Timeshare Exchange Companies

Always be sure to do your research when choosing a timeshare exchange company. You can choose between an affiliated exchange company, such as RCI and Interval International, or an independent exchange company, like Trading Places and Dial An Exchange. Just as every traveler has different vacation needs, every exchange company offers unique features, so find one that best suits your vacation style.

Affiliated Timeshare Exchange Companies

An affiliated exchange company is one that has established formal relationships with resorts to manage exchanges involving those specific resorts. Members of an affiliated exchange company enjoy benefits like:

  • Guaranteed ability to deposit any week in accordance with exchange company rules
  • Large variety of exchange options
  • Protection against damages caused by the occupants who exchanged into your unit

Independent Timeshare Exchange Companies

An independent exchange company does not have affiliation agreements with specific resorts, and is not obligated to accept your week into its exchange system. They also offer smaller inventory. Independent exchange companies will still accept timeshare deposits from owners and developers and complete exchanges. These companies do, however, offer their own perks, including:

  • More affordable (in some cases nonexistent) membership fees and exchange costs
  • Increased chance of completing an exchange if your week matches the specialty niche for an independent exchange company
  • Higher quality of personalized service because of the company’s smaller size

How to Exchange Your Timeshare

Every timeshare exchange company offers unique benefits, and you’ll want to find the one that best suits your travel preferences. Read on to learn how the general timeshare exchange process works.

  1. Research various timeshare exchange companies and find the one that works for you. Consider the resorts and destinations in which you are interested. RCI and Interval International, the two leading exchange companies, offer the largest inventory. Other exchange companies such as Dial An Exchange, Trading Places, and San Francisco Preferred Resorts also work well for many vacationers. When choosing an exchange company, also consider factors like availability, membership fees, and exchange fees.
  2. Deposit your timeshare week with your exchange company to learn the quality and inventory of exchanges available to you. Some companies, like Dial An Exchange, allow you to choose the week you want before depositing, but the process is generally the same. You will find a week of similar value to your own and exchange for it.
  3. Finalize the exchange and receive reservation documentation confirming your stay.

Advice for Successful Timeshare Exchange

Make the most of your timeshare exchange by following this advice:

  • Consider Experience: Keep in mind what kind of activities and experiences you’re looking for on your vacation. Make sure the resort and the destination offer what you need for the most enjoyable vacation.
  • Get Assistance: If you have questions or simply can’t decide what destination will work best for you and your family, let the vacation exchange professionals assist you.
  • Plan Ahead: Planning your vacation in advance will help your chances of securing your ideal getaway, so place your request as far ahead of your travel dates as possible.
  • Be Flexible: When you request your travel dates and resort locations, list several options in order to better your chance for a timely confirmation. Also be flexible when choosing your unit, as many resorts have more small units than large ones; if you are willing to accept a unit that accommodates your family or group, regardless of the unit size you’re exchanging, you widen your exchange opportunities.
  • Vacation Off-Season: If you choose a destination that is off-season or not as well-known, you’ll have higher chances of reserving your vacation on time.

Overall, membership with a timeshare exchange company is a wonderful supplement to go with your vacation ownership. Learn more about specific timeshare exchange companies, or contact us today at 1-877-815-4227 with questions.

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