Florida at Your Fingertips: What You Didn’t Know About the Marriott Florida Club
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Calling all Marriott timeshare owners (and potential owners)—if you’ve been told you own a Marriott Florida Club timeshare, you may be wondering what exactly that means. The Florida Club is an exclusive network of resorts within the Marriott Vacation Club. While you may hear otherwise, know that the Florida Club option does transfer upon resale. Participating Marriott resorts in Florida include:

*Please note: Not all villas at Marriott’s Grande Vista are eligible to participate in the Florida Club. Ineligible buildings include Buildings 80, 81, and 94. If being a part of the Club is important to you, verify that the unit you are purchasing has the ability to book into other Florida Club resorts.

Florida Club Benefits

Do you own a Marriott timeshare within the Florida Club? You may be interested to learn exactly how many benefits come with your ownership. If, however, you are a potential buyer who loves vacationing all over Florida and desires flexibility, read on to see how the Florida Club is a great option for you.

As a Florida Club member, you can:

  • Book your week at one of the other Club properties 6 months out from your reservation time.
  • Reserve concurrent or consecutive weeks 7 months ahead (applies to multiple-weeks owners).
  • Exchange without having to go through Interval International.
  • Enjoy no view type restrictions.
  • Occupy split stays within your season at a sister resort.
  • Advertise your reservation at a sister resort for rent.
  • Deposit your reservation at a sister resort with an exchange company.
  • Cancel a confirmed reservation with no minimum 60-day time frame restriction.*

*There is a fee for each confirmed change.

Marriott Florida Club Booking Rules

If you want to take advantage of the Florida Club option, you are able to reserve only within the season that you own at your home resort. Owners of Platinum or Gold seasons can reserve at any of the other Florida Club properties. Those who own silver season time, however, may only reserve at two other resorts.

Owners of two-bedroom units at a resort that does not have lock-off units are still able to use the lock-off feature of other Florida Club resorts by booking their weeks at those resorts and choosing to lock-off.

Resort Lock-off Platinum Gold Silver
Grande Vista X X X
Legends Edge X X X
Villas at Doral X X X
BeachPlace Towers X X X
Ocean Pointe X X X X

Florida Club Trading Rules

As part of the Florida Club, you also have the option to trade your reserved villa at your home resort for another within the Club. When trading your Marriott timeshare for another Florida Club villa, it must be equivalent to or less than the home villa. For example, you can trade:

  • Two-bedroom villa at your home resort for a two-bedroom villa at a sister resort
  • One-bedroom villa at your home resort for the master suite of a two-bedroom villa at a sister resort
  • Deluxe guest room of a two-bedroom villa for a deluxe guest room of a two-bedroom villa at a sister resort
  • Master suite of a three-bedroom villa for a two-bedroom villa at a sister resort

For current Florida Club owners, we hope this opens your eyes to the perks of this unique Marriott resort network. Are you a buyer who feels that a Florida Club timeshare would be ideal for you? Learn more about the Marriott Vacation Club, or call us today to speak with a Marriott resale specialist.

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