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Experience the Middle East first-hand with a Lebanon timeshare. Truly immerse yourself in another culture for up to 70% off the developer price with one of our Lebanon timeshare resales.

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Timeshares in Lebanon

Timeshares in Lebanon provide the perfect vacation experience to a wide range of people. Those from outside the Middle East who want to experience a culture very different from their own will love the country's distinctive history, cuisine, and culture. Travelers will also discover different twists on experiences they've come to know and love, like hiking trails and dance clubs.

From Ancient temples to Arabic pop music, you'll find something for every traveler in Lebanon. You'll be able to enjoy delicious falafel sandwiches, drink cave-aged wine, and more. Popular cities include Beirut, Baalbek, and El-Metn, and there are a plethora of other cities to explore as well.

You'll have to make return trips to make the most of this many-layered country. That's where timeshares come in handy. While timeshares sold by resort developers are often very expensive, due to costs associated with sales commissions and promotional events, timeshare resales are very affordable. Our resales are sold by their current owners for up to 70% less than the developer price. Just remember to research for travel warnings ahead of each trip you take.

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Top Lebanon Resorts

Timeshare resorts in Lebanon offer many wonderful amenities. Some, like in-unit air conditioning, onsite car rentals, and onsite laundry facilities add to your convenience and help you feel more at ease in a faraway place. Other amenities, like balconies with gorgeous views, onsite cocktail lounges, and nearby spas, enhance the sense of luxury and otherworldliness your vacation should provide you with.

Things to Do in Lebanon

Top 3 Amenities

Historical Sites in Lebanon

You will find a massive amount of ancient temples and mosques in Lebanon, which makes timeshares in Lebanon perfect for history buffs. The Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek was started to be built as early as the 1st century AD, and features carvings, sarcophagi, columns, a tower, and a ceiling decorated with Roman gods. Other notable historic sites include Sidon Sea Castle, Mseilha Fort, and the Temple of Eshmun.

Lebanese Dining

Foodies looking for authentic cultural immersion wil love Lebanon timeshares. The country offers many restaurants serving the country's own distinctive cuisine. Lebanese food is very flavorful and often contains a great deal of lemon, garlic, olive oil, and herbs. Chickpeas and rice are common sights in Lebanese dishes, and you might see everything from fried bread to pumpkin and even grape vines. Popular eateries include Feniqia, Tawlet, and Bedivere.

Wineries in Lebanon

With your Lebanon timeshare you'll be able to enjoy trips to wineries new and old. Chateau Ksara's vines have been growing since they were planted by monks in 1857, and you can explore ancient Roman caves there today, as they're now part of the wine cellar. The much more recent Ixsir produces wine from grapes all over Lebanon. These just scratch the surface of the many wineries you'll find in Lebanon.

Museums in Lebanon

Learn about the history of Lebanon at the National Museum of Beirut, which hosts a collection that includes ancient statues, drinking vessels, makeup boxes, mosaics and more. The Mim museum is a museum of minerals, where you can see a breathtaking array of colorful crystals and geodes, as well as fossils, including a preserved pterosaur. At the Robert Mouawad Private Museum, you'll find everything from Islamic artwork to a bejeweled bra that costs $11 million.

Lebanese Nightlife

If you're ready to dance the night away, you'll love a Lebanon timeshare. The country is full of exhilarating nightclubs. Drink delicious mixed beverages and listen to a wide variety of music, including Arabic pop and electronic music. Many night clubs also have lighting and sound systems that further add to the ambiance. Others offer live music. Popular clubs include Posh, Grand Factory, and Iris.

Outdoor Adventures

A Lebanon timeshare is excellent for nature lovers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You'll find both incredible scenery and—if you want it—a workout in the country's three natural protectorates. The largest is the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, which offers 250 kilometers of hiking trails. There, you'll see beautiful cedar trees, an ancient rock fortress, and a wetland. You're also likely to see wildlife, including gazelles and wild boar. The area is also a nice place to cool off, due to its elevation and many trees. North of Beirut, near Jeita, lies an intricate network of amazing caverns and caves that also make for amazing exploration.

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