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Enjoy your beach getaway at one of these Dutch Caribbean destinations! Dig your toes in the soft, white sand and swim in turquoise waters on one of these affordable islands with a Netherlands Antilles timeshare! Browse to learn more about how you can save.

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Timeshares in Netherlands Antilles

Explore St. Maarten, Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba, and Curacao, and spend your vacation doing whatever interests you most. From snorkeling to hiking to spa treatments and more, there is something for everyone on the Dutch Antilles and we guarantee you will love it here. Before long, you’ll be counting down the days until the next time you can sit on the shore of the Caribbean sea once again.

Though the Netherlands Antilles was dissolved as its own country in 2010, Curacao and St. Maarten became constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba became special municipalities within the Netherlands, the term is still frequently used to describe the Dutch Caribbean islands. Aruba is also often included in this grouping. Each is loved for its unique blend of cultures, gorgeous weather, luxurious accommodations, and access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

These faraway vacations can feel unattainable, but timeshare resales and rentals make vacationing far more affordable. is one of the leaders in the timeshare resale industry and our specialists would love to show you just how much you can save by investing in a resale or rental for your future vacations. With more questions, please contact us today by filling out our contact form or by giving us a call at 1-877-815-4227.

Places to Visit with Your Netherlands Antilles Timeshare

  • Maho Beach on St. Maarten is an experience you will never forget. Park yourself on this small beach spot and watch the planes fly into Princess Juliana International so close to you, you feel as though you can touch them.
  • If you are looking for the perfect place to snorkel or dive, Bonaire National Marine Park is it. Explore the coral reefs filled with beautiful sea life and crystal clear water around nearly the entire perimeter of the island.
  • Mount Scenery on Saba takes up a majority of the island and the highest point in the Dutch Caribbean with thick vegetation. Enjoy the sights while hiking this stunning and pristine island. It’s an adventure worth taking.
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Top Netherlands Antilles Resorts

Relax in paradise at one of these timeshares in the Netherlands Antilles with impeccable accommodations, gracious staffs, and unparalleled amenities. Many of these resorts are also affiliates with external exchange programs such as Interval International and RCI which makes vacationing anywhere in the world easier.

Things to Do in Netherlands Antilles

Top 3 Amenities
Tropical Adventures

Caribbean Sea

No matter where you are on any of these islands, the bright blue Caribbean sea is there to greet you. Eagle Beach in Aruba, Playa Frans in Bonaire, Dawn Beach in St. Maarten, and Crooks Castle Beach in St. Eustatius are just a few favorites for their different activities and breathtaking scenery.

Water Activities

Snorkelers, divers, surfers, and adventurers love these islands because there is so much to do on the water. Rent a jet ski, take a charter to different areas to explore coral reefs, or get a surfing lesson with the locals who know the waters. The water here is relaxing and exciting all at the same time!

Island Excursions

We’re talking about land and see. It’s not every day you’re in a tropical environment, and there are a number of fun island excursions to consider. Take in the sites with a hike, get a closer look at some of the wild life with the help of a guide, or hop on a charter for some insane deep sea fishing.

Netherlands Antilles Dining

With so many different cultures mixed into one, these islands have a flare all of its own. Not only is there dining for every budget, but it combines flavors from around the world including Dutch, Caribbean, French, and so much more. Trust us, one meal here and you will be left speechless.

Netherlands Antilles Nightlife

St. Maarten, Bonaire, and Curacao have fun even after the sun goes down. With night clubs, casinos, and bars around these islands, you will be able to dance the night away and have the time of your life. No matter the time of day, there is always something happening in the Dutch Caribbean islands.

Closest Airports

Vacationers use Princess Juliana International Airport on St. Maarten and Hato International Airport on Curacao, and the Flamingo International Airport on Bonaire. For those looking to travel to St. Eustatius or Saba, there are small planes and boats available to help with this transfer.

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