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Oregon timeshares are located at a number of luxury resorts across the Pacific Northwest state. From the coastal city of Newport to the up-and-coming destination of Bend, Oregon has a number of different landscapes and attractions that will keep you coming back year after year. Browse current advertisements to find your Oregon timeshare today.

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Timeshares in Oregon

An Oregon timeshare is a smart purchase if you're looking for a constant stream of options for your annual getaway. Oregon offers a rich blend of natural environments, including beaches, rivers, mountains, deserts, and forests. Nature lovers will be astounded by the diverse landscapes available for them to hike, raft, bike, and more. Depoe Bay stands out as a marvelous location for ocean views and Mount St.Helens—a volcano—is an impressive monument to nature's raw power.

Oregon vacations also provide a fun scene for city goers. Portland is an exciting city with much to offer. Its energetic nightlife scene and incredible array of cuisine just scratch the surface of the attractions the city provides. Whether you prefer bustling cities, outdoor adventures, or picturesque scenery you can relax in, you'll find something to love about Oregon timeshares.

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All-Season Oregon Timeshares

  • The weather in Oregon is unpredictable—winter can reach highs in the 50s, while the summer can offer lows in the 40s—so bring layers you can take on and off.
  • Floating week Oregon timeshares allow you the flexibility to experience Oregon's four seasons.
  • If you're not sure if an Oregon timeshare is right for you, try before you buy with our Oregon timeshare rentals for an affordable, luxurious one-time trip.
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Top Oregon Resorts

Resorts in Oregon offer indoor and outdoor recreation of all kinds. Many Oregon resorts offer golf courses, making Oregon the perfect vacation spot if you're looking to perfect your swing. You're also likely to have a beautiful view, because many resorts are surrounded by exquisite scenery—everything from ocean waves to meadows.

Things to Do in Oregon

Top 3 Amenities

Outdoor Excursions

Hike, bike, and more on a wide variety of terrain. Oregon vacations allow you to explore the deserts of central Oregon, the canyons and forests of eastern Oregon, the magnificent waterfalls of Mt.Hood and the Columbia River Gorge, and many other landscapes. You'll definitely want to bring a camera to capture the scenery.

Dining in Oregon

Craft beer breweries, wineries, chocolate shops, and incredible restaurants all reign supreme in Oregon. Staying at any of the resorts in Oregon mean scrumptious farm-to-table fare is always within reach. Wine lovers will find a special treat in the state, as it's a location for communal wineries, where different winemakers interact, share techniques, and produce inventive results for your consumption.

Oregon Nightlife

Live music, performing arts, and film screenings are abundant. The state is known across the country for its karaoke scene and overall eccentricity. The state caters to all tastes, and you're just as likely to find a rap concert as a jazz performance. Speaking of taste, brew'n'view theaters are a common occurrence, so you can enjoy a beer while you watch a classic, indie, or foreign film.

Events in Oregon

You'll never run out of things to do with timeshares in Oregon because the state always has a litany of celebrations and festivals to attend. Cultural events, such as Asian celebrations and festivals devoted to Native American ways of life are frequent, as well as classic country fairs. Each season brings its own set of events.

Oregon Beaches

Oregon resorts allow you to enjoy plenty of beachside bliss. The Cape Arago Beach Loop offers breathtaking views as well as a plethora of seals and sea lions to watch. At Fogarty Beach, sift the unique dark sand through your fingers, and at Gold Beach, explore the tide pools or go for a ride on a jet boat. Timeshares in Oregon give you easier access to the state's beaches and their pleasures, including beachside horseback riding!

Oregon Art and Literature

Your Oregon timeshare will open you up to art and literature like you've never seen it before. You'll find a plethora of art galleries and variety of art, from traditional paintings to recycled material creations. You'll also frequently find beautiful artwork sold at Oregon's many festivals. The city of Portland, especially, is well known as a hub for creatives. If you're an avid reader, you will love Powell's City of Books, and if you're not, Powell's might turn you into one. The aptly named monolith is the largest used and new bookstore in the entire world.

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