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Throughout the years, Diamond Resorts International has created a variety of ownership programs. With each program, Diamond has sought to create a better ownership package than before. Over time, Diamond has evolved into one of the most popular timeshare programs in the industry. When you buy Diamond Resort points, you can choose when and where you travel. With dozens of Diamond Resorts locations to choose from, your travel possibilities are endless.

Diamond resort points currently offers two unique programs: Trust Points and “THE Club” points. With each program, you receive an annual allotment of timeshare points to use at a selection of Diamond Resorts. Depending on your program, you’ll have access to a select group of resorts or destinations.

Below you’ll find a detailed explanation of each points program. For questions and sales inquiries, please contact our team of Diamond timeshare specialists at 1-877-815-4227.

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Types of Diamond Timeshare Points

Trust Points

Trust Points are available through the DRI collections. With these points, you essentially are purchasing membership to only travel within a geographic region.

Depending upon which DRI collection, you can travel to any of Diamond’s resorts within that segment’s portfolio. This gives you a great selection of travel options so that you can mix up your vacation destination each and every year.

As an added bonus, Trust Points CAN be sold on the resale market without paying for an upgrade. This makes them desirable to potential buyers, in that they can get a great deal on a Diamond timeshare property without having to pay additional fees.

Diamond Club Points

THE Club Diamond is a flexible, points-based membership that allows you to make reservations at any resort within the Diamond vacation ownership network. Each year, owners will receive a bucket of points which they can use to book vacations. As a member of “THE Club” by Diamond Resorts International®, you can travel to any property within the Diamond Resorts network. You can use your Club points to visit Hawaii, the continental U.S., or even Europe!

Resale Information: Unfortunately, Diamond Resorts has restricted the ability to resell THE Club points on the secondary market. Diamond requires that all resale buyers must upgrade their points with the developer. Therefore, if you wish to buy a Diamond THE Club resale, you will need to purchase the points from the previous owner, then pay to upgrade your points through the resort. Without this upgrade, you cannot use the points. However, even with this stipulation, you’ll still come out ahead.

When you purchase “THE Club” points on SellMyTimeshareNow.com, you will still receive significant savings off Diamond’s developer pricing. All you need to do is contact Diamond to purchase a few extra points, and you’ll be able to travel to even more destinations. With this small upgrade, you’ll not only be able to travel to any resort within Diamond’s network, but you’ll also have more points to use. That means more vacations, more destinations, and more memories.

DRI Collections

Diamond Resorts are organized into five distinct groups called “collections”. When you purchase DRI timeshare points, you will choose from one of these five collections. You can use your points to travel to any resort within the collection. This program provides increased flexibility for owners and a great feature to sellers.

The Diamond Collections Include:

Although reservations are restricted within your designated resort group, DRI Collections owners can join Interval International to visit any resort within Diamond’s resort network. In addition to the resorts within Diamond’s network, with Interval you’ll also gain access to 2,900 additional resorts worldwide!

Exchanging Your Points

If you are not a member of “THE Club,” you’ll still have the option to visit every Diamond destination with Interval International. As Diamond’s primary timeshare exchange company, Interval will allow you to exchange, bank, and borrow vacation points. By enrolling in Interval International, you’ll not only add more Diamond affiliated resorts to your repertoire, but 2,900 additional resorts around the world.

Learn more about exchanging Diamond points, or about the brand's other type of ownership, Diamond timeshare weeks.

Diamond Resort Points Owners

Do you currently own a points-based timeshare with Diamond? If so, we can also help you sell Diamond Resorts points or rent Diamond Resorts points to interested travelers on the secondary market.

Whether you are no longer using your Diamond timeshare or just don't want to pay the annual maintenance fees, we can help. Find out more today!

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