Rent Your Hilton Timeshare

  • Renting your Hilton timeshare enables you to cover yearly maintenance fees.
  • Instead of wasting a year of ownership, offer it to someone looking for vacation solutions.
  • Rent your HGVC timeshare to travelers while you try to sell your ownership.

Owning a timeshare can be a rewarding experience. You can travel the world, change the way you vacation, and have access to amazing accommodations each year. Being a member of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club enhances this experience, offering you the best of the best.

But, some timeshare owners find that taking a vacation every year is easier said than done. Things come up, and sometimes you can't always travel. Or maybe you just want to do something different for one year. Regardless of the reason, not using your timeshare can end up costing you money. But with, you can rent out Hilton timeshare to travelers from all over.

If you're not interested in owning your timeshare anymore, and want a more permanent solution, we can also help you sell your Hilton timeshare on the resale market.


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How the Rental Process Works

You can rent your HGVC timeshare on just by completing a few simple steps:

  • Make a reservation at an HGVC resort.
  • Determine how much to charge for a rate.
  • Contact a timeshare rental specialist to begin creating your rental ad.
  • Field offers from people interested in renting your timeshare week.
  • Accept an offer and work out payment details with your renter.
  • Contact your resort's front desk so they're aware of the rental.

Timeshare Rental FAQs

Why Do I Have to Make a Reservation First?

Only you can use HGVC points—therefore, you must reserve a week of accommodations in order to rent your timeshare. This will ensure that prospective renters know the resort at which the rental is located, and when the reservation is scheduled for.

How Much Should I Charge?

There isn't a standard rate for timeshare rentals. Rates largely depend on accommodation type and individual resort characteristics. A good rule of thumb for timeshare owners to follow is to charge the same amount they pay for maintenance fees.

When Should I Inform the Resort about My Rental?

Once you have arranged payment particulars and have obtained the renter's contact information, you should call the resort's front desk to make them aware of the rental. They'll need to know who will be showing up to check-in, so it is wise to do this as soon as possible.

What is My Hilton Timeshare Worth?