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What is My Interval International Timeshare Worth?

Thinking about selling your Interval International-affiliated timeshare? The good news is that owning a timeshare at an Interval International-affiliated resort automatically increases the value of your timeshare.

Because Interval International ownership is so desirable, owning property at an II-affiliated resort will help you better market your timeshare. If you're ready to find out the fair market value of your II-affiliated timeshare property, fill out the easy, free, zero-obligation form above to get started. The more details you provide us with, the more accurately we can help you price your unit. One of our independent timeshare specialists will contact you shortly to help you determine your Interval International-affiliated timeshare's value.

For immediate assistance on how to sell your Interval International-affiliated timeshare, contact an independent timeshare resale specialist at 1-877-815-4227. is an independent resale marketplace where owners can advertise their Interval International® affiliated timeshares for sale and for rent. is not affiliated in any way with Interval International®, its parent company, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Pricing Your II Timeshare Resale

There are a variety of factors that go into determining the value of your Interval International-affiliated timeshare on the resale market, including:

  • Your II-affiliated Home Resort

  • The type of your timeshare

  • The frequency of your timeshare

  • The flexibility of your timeshare

  • Timeshare unit, size, and type

  • The season (floating vacations)

How Do I Determine My Interval International Timeshare Value?

Our independent resale specialists will need to know the following information to best evaluate your II timeshare value:

Note: Interval International timeshares do not actually exist, but many owners refer to their ownership as an II timeshare due to their resort's affiliation with Interval and the popularity of the exchange company. In other words, only Interval International-affiliated timeshare resorts exist.

Your II-affiliated Home Resort location

The more desirable the location and quality of your home resort, the higher its value will be.

The frequency of your vacation interest

(Annual vs. biennial, fractional, etc.) The more vacation time you own, the more you have to offer a buyer.

The type of vacation interest you own

Deeded weeks are often perceived as more valuable than Right To Use (RTU) ownerships, but it will always depend on the buyer's preferences and what the market is doing at any given time.

Your unit size and type

For example, a three-bedroom lock-off will likely be worth a bit more than a studio or efficiency unit, or a one-bedroom without a lock-off portion. However, it all depends on what the buyer is looking for.

The flexibility of your vacation interest

In addition to the common fixed or floating week timeshares buyers are often shopping for, an Interval International-affiliated timeshare provides prospective buyers with additional flexibility. They now have the opportunity to become part of the II exchange program, which adds a huge amount of value to your timeshare.

Season of your floating vacation week

This only applies to owners of floating weeks. If you own in a season which is highly desirable, such as major holidays or peak seasons, the value of your timeshare will be considerably higher than if your season is a less desirable one.

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Knowing every detail about your ownership is not necessary. We can still assist you in determining the market value of your timeshare. However, the more information you can provide us with, the more accurate our market value survey will be.

We take the information you provide us and use it to calculate the fair market value of your ownership based on today's secondary market. Factors including your ownership type, usage frequency, unit type and size, points package, and more, will all impact your ownership's value.

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