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Marriott transitioned their vacation ownership program to the points-based Marriott Vacation Club Destinations in 2010. Prior to this, the Marriott Vacation Club consisted of an award-winning, weeks-based ownership program that allowed owners to purchase a vacation week at a specific Marriott Vacation Club resort. Fortunately, many Marriott timeshare weeks are still available on the resale market. In fact, the majority of Marriott timeshare resales you'll find will be Marriott Vacation Club weeks.

You will guarantee your family luxury accommodations in your favorite destination during your favorite time of year annually or biennially when you own a Marriott timeshare week. To learn more about Marriott timeshares, browse our available Marriott Vacation Club weeks for sale, fill out our form, or our knowledgeable Marriott timeshare specialists at 1-877-815-4227 today.

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About Marriott Timeshare Weeks Ownership

If you own a Marriott Vacation Club week, the legal form of your vacation ownership will depend on the location of your home resort. You will also find both fixed and floating weeks when shopping for a Marriott timeshare. It is even possible for you to convert your fixed week to a floating week through Interval International.

Find out how to make Marriott timeshare reservations for your week ownership so you can start planning out your next vacation.

U.S. Resorts

If you own at a resort located within the United States or within U.S. territory, you will own a deeded real estate interest in a specific Marriott resort (your home resort), which grants you the right to use a week at that resort on either an annual or biennial basis.

International Resorts

If you own at a resort located outside of the United States and U.S. territory, you will typically receive a Certificate of Ownership, which outlines the specifics of your Right To Use ownership. It will include details regarding your owned unit type and season.

Marriott Fixed Weeks

When you own a fixed week timeshare, you'll enjoy a sense of security and ease of booking when it comes to your annual getaway. Your fixed week Marriott timeshare will give you the right to use your owned unit type (e.g. one-bedroom, two-bedroom lockoff, etc.) at your home resort, during the same week number (1 - 52) either every year or every other year. There are generally two scenarios in which you'll find fixed weeks at a particular Marriott resort.

Most commonly, the fixed weeks sold at a given Marriott resort were the most desirable time periods of the year, such as the weeks during which Christmas and New Year's Day occur (typically weeks 51 and 52, respectively). These fixed weeks are often categorized in a distinguished season like "Platinum Plus" to denote their desirability, while the rest of the resort's weeks would have been designated as floating weeks.

Resorts that were sold entirely as fixed week timeshares tend to be the earliest Marriott Vacation Club resorts. Marriott's Harbour Point, for instance, is comprised entirely of fixed weeks. This particular resort's weeks are also assigned as fixed units, so an owner's deed will state the exact week number and unit number to which they are entitled.

Marriott Floating Weeks

Owning a floating week allows you to vacation at your home resort within a specific "season" every year or every other year. Each season at a specific resort is made up of a set of defined weeks within the year, and your floating week allows you the flexibility to reserve any week which falls within the season you purchased.

Marriott typically names its resorts' seasons as:

Platinum Plus





*Some resorts may have different categories, such as Red, White, and Blue

Marriott's Florida Club

Marriott's Florida Club is a unique network of resorts within the Marriott Vacation Club. Florida Club owners are able to exchange their week for a stay at another resort within the Club without having to go through Interval International or pay an exchange fee. The Florida Club consists of the following resorts:

*Only select villas at Marriott's Grande Vista are part of the Florida Club.

Using Your Florida Club Week

When it comes to using your Florida Club week, you have several options:

  • You may utilize the Florida Club exchange option in conjunction with the lock-off option (if you own a lock-off unit) and use the master portion of your villa at your home resort or at another Florida Club resort, and then use the remaining portion of your villa at the same resort or at another Florida Club resort.

  • You may also combine your Florida Club reservation with the split-week option (where applicable), or deposit your reservation with an exchange company.

  • Florida Club owners who own a fixed week may temporarily convert this fixed week to use a floating week at one of the other Florida Club resorts, based on availability.

Marriott's Florida Club Owner Services Fee

Marriott's Florida Club owners are billed an additional owner services fee in order to cover any administrative costs associated with providing owners the additional benefits associated with the Florida Club. This fee is comprised of a resort fee and a club fee.

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