$18 Million in Timeshare Rental Directly Into the Hands of Timeshare Owners

SMTN launches new rental program to make renting timeshares easier and is expected to drive the company's $18 million dollars in rental offers even higher before year-end.

Dover, NH (November 8, 2007) -- SellMyTimeshareNow, a global leader in the advertising and marketing of timeshare resale and timeshare rentals, is launching a new timeshare rental program designed to make it easier than ever to rent timeshare. The new program, 'Rental Assist,' takes the company's previous timeshare rental services to the next level, by offering in-house client matching for prospective timeshare renters and timeshare properties.

Evidencing the growing popularity of timeshare rental, the 2007 year-to-date figures for SellMyTimeshareNow have already reached $18,485,726 in offers made by people who want to rent a timeshare for vacation or travel accommodations. The offers account for more than 15,000 rental inquiries in 2007. The company believes these figures underscore the fact that renting timeshare directly from the individual who owns the interval timeshare or vacation club points is a proven win-win for both vacationers and timeshare owners.

Renting timeshare, instead of buying it, allows timeshare renters to enjoy well-priced, spacious accommodations without long-term commitments. At the same time, timeshare owners who use their properties as rentals, offset the annual cost of timeshare ownership. Rent Assist is designed to add value to the advertising package a client purchases when becoming part of the SellMyTimeshareNow timeshare solution.

Jason Tremblay, founder of SellMyTimeshareNow explains, "What could be better when you want to use your vacation property as a timeshare rental than to have experienced timeshare professionals working to custom match your timeshare with the incoming requests of potential renters?"

The SellMyTimeshareNow website currently attracts more than 1.8 million visitors each month. Timeshare owners who want to sell or rent timeshare recognize the power of advertising their property on a website that ranks high on Google and other popular search engines in Internet searches for terms such as: buy timeshare; sell timeshare; or rent timeshare. Strategic use of Internet marketing tactics positions SellMyTimeshareNow consistently at the top of the list in organic search results.

Acknowledging the growing numbers of people interested in renting timeshare, Director of Sales for SellMyTimeshareNow, Rosanne Luba, says, "Vacationing in a timeshare unit, where you typically have a full kitchen and sleeping accommodations for one or more families, makes so much more sense than staying in a crowded motel room or renting multiple hotel suites." From the perspective of the timeshare owner, renting is equally beneficial. Luba adds, "Timeshare rental is a great way to recoup the ongoing cost of timeshare ownership. SellMyTimeshareNow's Rental Assist program is a hassle-free way for our clients to rent their timeshare, with our in-house staff working on their behalf to get the property rented."

About SellMyTimeshareNow
SellMyTimeshareNow is an industry leader in providing advertising and marketing for timeshare owners who want to sell timeshare or rent timeshare. For 2007, SellMyTimeshareNOW is on track to present to its customers $282,900,000 in offers to buy or rent timeshares.