Despite the Economy, Consumers Are Buying and Renting Timeshare Resales and SellMyTimeshareNow Has the Numbers to Prove It

Even in the midst of a struggling economy, timeshare resale and rental company SellMyTimeshareNow produces quarterly success.

Dover, NH (January 14, 2009) -- The story of SellMyTimeshareNow sparkles brightly on an economic horizon that is frequently bleak with accounts of employee layoffs and corporate cutbacks. While many hoteliers and timeshare development companies are struggling in the face of tightening credit markets and slowed consumer spending, SellMyTimeshareNow continues to report remarkable growth trends. The company's 4th quarter business synopsis reveals gains in both the number and the dollar amount of offers made to buy or rent timeshares advertised on the company's website.

SellMyTimeshareNow is an online timeshare resale and timeshare rental advertising and marketing company created in 2003 to fill what the company's founders saw as a deficiency in the timeshare sales market. Founder Jason Tremblay explains, "Timeshare owners needed a simple, effective way to resell or rent their timeshares. Consumers wanted to be able to purchase resale timeshares. We saw the internet as the perfect vehicle to serve both needs."

In their 2008 business synopsis (available on their website) SellMyTimeshareNow reports strong growth numbers. From 2007 to 2008, the overall number of offers to buy or rent timeshares advertised and marketed by the company increased by 85 percent. Totaling $461,470,158, this represents an average of over $1 million per day in offers. Even during the fourth quarter of 2008, dismal for many companies, SellMyTimeshareNow saw the number of offers to buy or rent timeshare increase by 73 percent quarter-over-quarter from 2007 to 2008, and increase by 43 percent in the dollar amount during this period.

Traffic to the company's website rose by 18 percent in 2008 over 2007, with total visitors of 25,256,677, and an increase of 16 percent in unique visitors over this same period -- information that is particularly important to SellMyTimeshareNow. Although the company has offices in New Hampshire and Florida, Tremblay says that more important than their bricks and mortar buildings is the fact that the company dominates online advertising for the vacation ownership market. SellMyTimeshareNow continues to rank at or near the top of search engines such as Google and Yahoo for timeshare-specific search terms, which is vital considering that 68 percent of searchers never make it beyond page one for a given search term.