New Hampshire Timeshare Resale Company Headed for Record Year

New research by ARDA shows booming growth in timeshare sales, a fact that helps timeshare resale company, SellMyTimeshareNow, enjoy their own record growth.

Dover, NH (July 5, 2007) -- With year-to-date offers currently at $143 million, offers to buy or rent timeshares are up 23 percent on the year for SellMyTimeshareNow, a leader in the online marketing of timeshare resales and timeshare rentals. Jason Tremblay, founder of the New Hampshire based dot-com, says the timeshare resale company is pleased, but not surprised. "Timesharing is a way to enjoy luxurious resorts and easy vacation planning. The fact that new timeshare sales and timeshare resales are both booming shows how many people recognize the benefits of vacation ownership."

According to research conducted by Ernst & Young, LLP for the International Foundation of the American Resort Development Association, sales of new US timeshares increased by 16 percent during 2006. Tremblay says that the sales of new timeshare and timeshare resales do not necessarily compete with each other, but instead, meet the needs of a broad market by offering consumers a choice of ways to buy, rent or sell timeshare.

"Timeshare owners typically express satisfaction with their purchase. ARDA research shows that 80.3 percent are satisfied owners, and over 75 percent say owning a timeshare has increased their anticipation for upcoming vacations," Tremblay explains. He also points out that there is a flip-side to these statistics. An 80.3 percent satisfaction rate means that nearly 20 percent of timeshare owners have some degree of dissatisfaction. With more than 4 million timeshare owners in the US alone, 19.8 percent equals approximately 871,000 people who could be looking to resell their timeshare through companies like SellMyTimeshareNow. In other words, the more the overall timeshare industry grows, the more the inventory of timeshare resales increases.

About SellMyTimeshareNow

SellMyTimeshareNow is an industry leader in providing advertising and marketing for timeshare owners wishing to sell or rent their timeshare. In 2006, SellMyTimeshareNow presented $229,962,492 in offers to buy or rent timeshares to their customers.