Timeshare Sales by Owner Company Announces Record Number of Buyer and Rental Offers for the First Week of February 2006

SellMyTimeshareNow reports that the total dollar amount of sale and rental offers presented to its clients from January 30 to February 5, 2006 exceeds $3,000,000.00.

ORLANDO, FL (February 17, 2006) -- SellMyTimeshareNow recently announced that the total value of all sale and rental offers presented to its advertisers so far for 2006 exceeds $3 million. Whereas no metrics presently exist to document statistical data associated with the resale sector of the industry, many within the company feel that this number reflects an unprecedented number of timeshares changing hands.

"We started the new year with a bang," says SellMyTimeshareNow founder Jason Tremblay, "We're seeing an increase in advertising sales, but more importantly, we have demonstrated the ability to generate more than a hundred "timeshare sales" and rental offers each day."

Most often, a timeshare is a form of deeded or leasehold interest in a vacation condominium property, usually with an option to exchange time at one resort for time of equal value elsewhere. New timeshares typically retail for $20,000.00 - $100,000.00. However, buying timeshares on the flourishing resale market means that properties can be obtained, in the majority of cases, for a fraction of the original cost. This means that single-income families with a modest budget can experience luxury vacations every year at without having to pay over-inflated prices.

"The resale market is here to stay," says Tremblay. "Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous elements in our industry, so it's vital for both buyers and sellers to learn as much as possible about how the industry works. This is where we can help."

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About SellMyTimeshareNow
SellMyTimeshareNow started in August of 2003. At that time, the company was small enough to fit in a medium-sized guest bedroom. Since then, the company has grown rapidly: the SellMyTimeshareNow website now attracts an average of over 29,000 unique visitors each week and receives an average of 125 timeshare sale or rental offers every day.