SellMyTimeshareNow CEO Talks Timeshare Resales On NBC's TODAY

NBC's TODAY discusses timeshare options for buyers, renters, and sellers in the present-day economy with SellMyTimeshareNow's CEO Jason Tremblay.

Dover, NH (May 26, 2011) -- Jason Tremblay, founder of SellMyTimeshareNow, one of the nation's top authorities on timeshare resales, was featured this week on the number one morning show in America, NBC's TODAY, with an estimated audience of 5.66 million viewers.

During the TODAY segment, which aired on Monday, May 23, Tremblay (pictured) pointed out "While it can be challenging to resell a timeshare, the downturn in the economy has also provided a golden opportunity for timeshare buyers and renters, especially those who research the product online." SellMyTimeshareNow is the global leader in online timeshare resale and timeshare rental marketing with over $160 million in offers to buy or rent a timeshare to date this year through its affiliate companies.

During the interview, NBC reporter Mark Potter explored how the current real estate market has also impacted the U.S. timeshare industry, which includes over seven million owners. Tremblay commented, "Challenges are greater with older resorts in less popular locations but timeshares at big name resorts like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Disney timeshare actually hold their value and sellers generally recoup a much higher percentage of their original purchase price. The devaluation of timeshare on the resale market is not such an issue for these branded hospitality providers or resorts in leading vacation destinations. Even timeshare owners at other resorts may enjoy resale potential based on supply and demand, especially when the product it priced aggressively." Tremblay cautioned new buyers to be certain they are able to afford annual maintenance fees before making any timeshare resale purchase.

About SellMyTimeshareNow
Averaging more than two million page views per month, yielding a proven market of timeshare buyers, SellMyTimeshareNow provides internet advertising and marketing solutions for timeshare owners or developers seeking to sell or rent timeshare while offering timeshare buyers and renters competitively priced vacation ownership and rental opportunities. The company offers success-based timeshare brokerage through Timeshare Broker Services. Headquartered in Dover, NH with offices in Orlando, Florida.