SellMyTimeshareNow Unveils New Booklet About Scholarship Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry

SellMyTimeshareNow is offering new booklet describing scholarship opportunities supported by the hospitality industry.

Dover, NH (May 16, 2007) -- With college tuitions on the rise, SellMyTimeshareNow is assisting students interested in hospitality careers, by offering a new informational e-booklet entitled, College Scholarship Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry. The free e-booklet, available as a PDF download, provides helpful facts for students and their parents about new or revised college scholarship opportunities.

Many companies and associations that are part of the fast-growing hospitality and vacation lodging industries have stepped up their commitment to support higher education. Some choose to underwrite college scholarships or endowments. Others have found more unique ways to help fund education. The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation; SellMyTimeshareNow; the Marriott Scholars Program; and the Caribbean Hotel Foundation are four noteworthy industry leaders that have recently either made a new commitment to higher education or expanded a previously existing commitment.

For 2007, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation has simplified its application process. It will no longer require the submission of tax forms with scholarship applications. It will accept both official and unofficial transcripts and will permit applicants to be considered for more than one scholarship, all of which will substantially streamline the application process for interested students. Last year, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation awarded $430,000 in scholarships to over 300 hospitality management students.

SellMyTimeshareNow, a leading timeshare resale and timeshare rental company, has established a special program through Southern New Hampshire University. SellMyTimeshareNow assists timeshare owners who wish to donate their timeshare to the university. The donations support an endowment fund that enables qualifying students with financial need to attend Southern New Hampshire University. Participating students may attend as either an undergraduate or graduate student, and can choose to enroll in on-campus or online courses.

In February 2007, the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation announced the launch of the Marriott Scholars Program in association with both the United Negro College Fund and the Hispanic College Fund. Eligible students can apply for renewable scholarships of up to $9,000 annually to study culinary arts, hospitality management, hotel management, and food and beverage service.

Last year, the Caribbean Hotel Foundation awarded a record high $144,500 in scholarships for both full and part-time students, a number they expect to surpass in the 2007/2008 school year. Note that these scholarships are available only to Caribbean nationals with demonstrated financial need.

According to The Princeton Review, enrollment costs now average $31,717 at a private university and $11,918 at a public university for two semesters of study. These figures do not include housing, food, clothing, or other similar expenses that are part of the financial burden of obtaining a college education. The helpful new e-booklet from SellMyTimeshareNow is available as a free download in PDF format.

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