Slow Economy Is Not Driving Timeshare Owners to Sell Timeshare on the Resale Market

The first phase of a research study conducted by SMTN shows that people who buy timeshares understand the product and recognize the value and benefits timeshare ownership can provide.

Dover, NH (March 5, 2008) -- SellMyTimeshareNow has released additional findings from its recent study of the reasons motivating people to sell timeshare they currently own. In assessing the key indicators that prompt people to sell timeshare weeks as timeshare resales, SellMyTimeshareNow discovered that the sluggish US economy does not figure as prominently among the reasons people sell timeshare as industry experts might have anticipated.

A leading timeshare resales and timeshare rentals advertising and marketing company, SellMyTimeshareNow based their research on the anonymous responses of nearly 1000 timeshare owners who had expressed the desire to sell timeshare they own as deeded property, right to use property or vacation club membership weeks. The survey was conducted over a four-month period and the demographics included a cross-section of timeshare owners.

According to the SellMyTimeshareNow study, 28.5 percent of the timeshare owners surveyed say they just don't use their timeshare anymore, while another 21.4 percent say they have had a change in their family situation, such as a divorce or their children no longer vacation with them. With lifestyle changes accounting for the reasons motivating nearly half of all timeshare sellers to part with their vacation ownership property, only 27.5 percent of the respondents said they were selling because of a change in financial situation.

As SellMyTimeshareNow's Director of Communications, Steve Luba, explains, "These results are excellent news for the timeshare industry, since the primary reasons people look to sell timeshare with us don't appear to be strongly linked to the present economy. This indicates stability within the industry as sellers seem pleased with the use of their timeshares and just want to move on to something else, rather than being displeased with their timeshare."

The timeshare industry has long claimed a high satisfaction rate among owners with research from ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, stating that nearly 85 percent of timeshare owners say they are satisfied with their purchase. SellMyTimeshareNow's new study adds further insight into the level of satisfaction among timeshare owners. The study notes that even among people who are ready to sell timeshare, less than one percent say they are doing so because they don't like the resort or the amenities, and only 4.6 percent seek to sell timeshare because they find it too difficult to exchange for other dates or other locations.

Jason Tremblay, founder of SellMyTimeshareNow says, "People's circumstances and vacation patterns change. Our new research really backs up the idea that most timeshare owners enjoy owning and using their timeshares and sell for reasons not directly associated with their satisfaction with the industry. And the perception that people sell timeshare because of their maintenance fees and tax issues was much lower than expected, only registering about 13 percent."

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