Startup Dot Com Solves Timeshare Resale Problem

$230 million in offers to buy and rent were brought to timeshare owners in 2006 by SellMyTimeshareNow using cutting-edge Internet marketing.

Dover, NH (January 26, 2007) -- Proving that the internet can be the timeshare reseller's best business bet, SellMyTimeshareNow brought timeshare owners a stunning 230 million dollars in offers to purchase and rent during 2006. This crushed the company's comparatively humble goal of 150 million dollars and nearly tripled the previous year's offers of 91 million dollars.

In a continuous effort to meet and exceed customer expectations, SellMyTimeshareNow (SMTN) is beefing up its infrastructure. This includes quadrupling office space and workforce and purchasing a new phone system to handle the onslaught of incoming calls.

SMTN also continues to refine its business systems and considers the booming interest in its internet-based timeshare resale and rental service proof of booming success. "We are thrilled to serve our clients well and are impressed with the remarkable efforts and accomplishments of our employees that have brought us to this point! We see this not only as a company achievement but also as a mark of progress for the resales industry and timeshare users," said founder Jason Tremblay.

Tremblay and co-founder Mark Eldridge were chosen to participate in the American Resort Development Association's Fall 2006 think tank because of their company's highly successful innovations in globally connecting timeshare buyers, sellers, and renters. Tremblay said, "We applaud ARDA for recognizing the role of online business in our industry. It is SMTN's application of cutting-edge internet marketing that meets the needs of timeshare users."

Timeshare owners place a customized ad on SMTN which then drives focused, qualified internet traffic to the site and to the ads, thereby generating extensive offers for timeshare sellers and renters.

To learn more about SellMyTimeshareNow, see their website or their blog.