Timeshare Company Distinguishes Itself Through Search Engine Optimization

Successful dot-coms can show up in unlikely places. Timeshare company starts small, grows fast, thanks to internet marketing skills of founders.

Dover, NH (March 13, 2007) -- SellMyTimeshareNow, a recognized industry leader in online timeshare resales and rentals, credits their success in large part to the use of internet marketing techniques and good search engine optimization. Their rapid growth proves that even a company far from Silicon Valley can still carve out a place as a dot-com success story.

Located in quaint Dover, NH, the oldest permanent settlement in the state, SellMyTimeshareNow has used the internet to redefine the way both the timeshare industry and consumers look at timeshare resales and timeshare rentals. Founders Jason Tremblay and Mark Eldridge originally began the company in a spare room at Tremblay's home. Their business model was simple. They would, for a reasonable fee, advertise and market timeshare resales that individual owners wished to sell or rent. The two entrepreneurs believed if they utilized the best strategies of internet marketing to make their website, SellMyTimeshareNow, the most widespread timeshare resales website on the World Wide Web, they could create a high-visibility location for timeshare sellers to connect with timeshare buyers and renters.

How well has it worked? It's easy to check. Go to Google or other popular search engines and type in almost any words that have to do with timeshares, for example, "sell timeshare," or "Florida timeshare," or even something a little more unusual like, "timeshare resales in Lebanon". No matter how often a person tries it or what terms he or she might use, the website for SellMyTimeshareNow will consistently appear as one of the top listings in the search results. Once Tremblay and Eldridge achieved such well-positioned placement on the internet, people with timeshare property to sell or rent quickly realized that if they found the website so easily, prospective buyers and renters would as well.

To demonstrate to potential customers how successfully they have mastered the skills of internet placement, SellMyTimeshareNow publishes live tracking reports on their website, showing where visitors are coming from and what search terms they used to get there. Currently, over 10,000 unique visitors come to the SellMyTimeshareNow website every day. On top of this, there is 20,000 or more website reloads or revisits daily, meaning that people like what they see on the site and return to shop for more. The 30,000-plus website visits each day represent computer users in over 176 countries.

In three years of operation, SellMyTimeshareNow has had a strong impact on the timeshare industry. In November of 2006, Tremblay and Eldridge were invited to participate in the first-ever timeshare resales think tank held in Washington, D.C., which was conducted by the American Resort Development Association. The growing company has also had to find time to relocate twice since it opened. Their first move took them out of Tremblay's home and into a small office in Hampton, NH. But it wasn't long before more growing pains brought them to their present location in a historic textile mill, originally constructed in 1814. The New Hampshire staff includes 80 employees, while a smaller staff runs a timeshare resales satellite office in Altamonte Springs, (Orlando) Florida.

Although other timeshare resales companies are attempting to follow in their footsteps, Tremblay and Eldridge say they are not concerned. Competition, they point out, is healthy for business.

About SellMyTimeshareNow
SellMyTimeshareNow is an industry leader in providing advertising and marketing for timeshare owners wishing to sell or rent their timeshare. In 2006, SellMyTimeshareNow presented $229,962,492 in offers to buy or rent timeshares to their customers.