Timeshares: Blame the Packaging; Not the Product

Unethical resort sales tactics are threatening to undermine consumer confidence in the timeshare industry. SellMyTimeshareNow founder Jason Tremblay advice to those seeking to buy or sell timeshares on the resale market.

Altamonte Springs, FL (April 2, 2006) -- In a timeshare article, posted on his official weblog dated March 31, 2006, SellMyTimeshareNow founder Jason Tremblay provides a lengthy article on the current state of timeshare sales.

The article Mr. Tremblay wrote was an attempt at disambiguating a great deal of contradictory information surrounding his industry.

"We hear a lot of different viewpoints on timeshare," says Jason Tremblay, "there's just so much conflicting info out there."

Jason Tremblay continues: "Close family members of mine were among the very first RCI members in history. I've grown up around timeshares all my life. I own several, and I use them. Believe me, I know all about timeshares, about how the industry works. If I thought that there was anything wrong with timeshare as a product, I wouldn't be involved in the industry."

Mr. Tremblay goes on to mention that, though timeshare has evolved considerably since its inception, unethical timeshare resort salespeople are setting the industry back by years, generating bad publicity for an otherwise blameless vacation product.

"I've said it a few times before: blame the packaging, not the product. The vast majority of timeshare resorts are spectacular. When the salespeople are angling for a fast buck, that's when you need to watch out."

Mr. Tremblay's blog, the Timeshare Owners' Blog, offers many posts, most of which deal with the resale sector of the timeshare industry. Says Mr. Tremblay "It's astounding how many people don't even know the resale market exists. A lot of people who bought from a resort wish that they knew about our company before they signed a purchase agreement."

However, not all resort salespeople are out to fleece consumers, Tremblay says; "I have good friends all over the industry: timeshare brokers, resort sales specialists... you name it. I love to meet new people, so naturally, I do a lot of networking within this field. Moreover, I'm confident that my friends in the industry would agree with my critiques, at least, for the most part."

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