Vacation Hotdeal Companies Inc. Announces New Industry Strategic Partnership

This partnership will help both brands expand their reach to various timeshare owners, renters, and interested buyers.

Dover, NH (August 14, 2012) -- Vacation Hotdeal Companies, Inc., whose brands include SellMyTimeshareNow and, announces plans for a strategic partnership with Vacation Innovations, LLC. Jason Tremblay, founder of Vacation Hotdeal Companies, Inc. says, "Our company has always focused on using internet and search technology to deliver trustworthy, web-based services and solutions to both consumers and the vacation ownership industry. Although it is not always widely identified, our collaborations and relationships within the industry include developers, branded hospitality providers, management companies, timeshare exchange companies, resellers, and numerous others. These relationships expand the ways that our company and our partner companies serve consumer needs. With that in mind, we are excited to have established a new, highly synergistic relationship with Vacation Innovations."

The Vacation Hotdeal Companies, Inc. and Vacation Innovations, LLC alliance will expand both companies' platforms for serving timeshare owners. Through this partnership, the companies are forecasting collective unit sales of more than 12,000 timeshare weeks to individual owners during the next fiscal year, a number that approaches the annual sales volume of some hospitality branded developers. Tremblay says, "The timeshare industry is only as strong and as vibrant as the secondary market to which it is underpinned. The real partnership here is in our ongoing relationship with the industry itself in our commitment to the success of the industry. We are in the business of finding buyers for timeshare resales through avenues that are transparent, ethical, and in compliance with applicable regulations. When we do this, resorts are stabilized with satisfied owners who use and enjoy their timeshare, pay their annual dues, and share the positive message of vacation ownership with others."

Established in 2003 with its first brand, SellMyTimeshareNow, the brands of Vacation Hotdeal Companies, Inc., are the recognized leaders in providing reliable service to the vacation ownership industry through the development and use of innovative and disruptive technologies. "When we discovered that the marketing and web development teams at Vacation Hotdeal Companies and at Vacation Innovations were each independently investing millions of dollars to locate qualified, individual timeshare buyers via the same internet marketing, product, and software development initiatives, we knew it made sense to pool our resources in these areas. Rather than continuing to compete for the same buyers we will now use our resources more efficiently to capture even more buyer demand on the secondary market," adds Tremblay.