Timeshare Exit Companies

Timeshare exit companies (also referred to as timeshare "relief" companies) are often fraudulent businesses that use illegal and/or irresponsible practices to "help" current timeshare owners get out of their ownership. Their methods and suggestions typically do not work and leave the owner solely responsible to deal with the consequences which can impact them for years to come.

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Are Timeshare Exit Companies Legit?

Learning how to exit a timeshare the correct way can be tricky. The legal obligations and restrictions around leaving a vacation ownership have led many owners to rely on inadequate "solutions" and practices offered by timeshare exit companies that claim to assist in transferring, selling, or redeeming timeshares. Many times, their methods are illegal and can negatively impact the current owner.

For example, a common tactic for a timeshare exit team is to advise owners to stop paying their annual maintenance fees while their team is, "in the midst of canceling the timeshare." These actions can be used to distract owners from services they are not receiving or in the hopes that the resort forecloses on the ownership without additional work. Following these instructions can come with long-lasting implications including a lowered credit score or even a lawsuit filed by the resort for failure to pay.

Timeshare Exit Strategy Options

Though you might not be able to exit your timeshare as originally intended, there are other "exit" options available that can give you the same results:

Finding Legitimate Timeshare Resale Companies

One important distinction to make between a legitimate timeshare exit company and a legitimate timeshare resale company is that they do not offer the same services. While timeshare exit companies offer strategies to get out of your contract, marketplaces simply provide you with an advertising platform to reach an audience of buyers searching for timeshares just like the one you are trying to sell.

Like with any other service you're considering, you'll want to do your research and find a resale marketplace that can offer you the most assistance and exposure. Look for a company with a proven track record of satisfied owners who sold their timeshares and passed off their ownership to someone who will utilize it to its fullest potential. You'll find it's much easier to receive offers and negotiate with buyers this way!

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