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Find Cost-Efficient Solutions
Buying a timeshare resale will save you money in the long run each year.
Plan Your Trips More Easily
Raintree timeshare resales ensure that you'll already have accommodations set for your annual trip.
Experience Different Places
You can visit dozens of locations with the Raintree Vacation Club, allowing you to explore a new destination with every getaway.

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Buy Raintree Vacation Club

Raintree Vacation Club resales allow you to have many of the same perks as owners who buy Raintree Vacation Club timeshare units through the resort developer, just at a fraction of the cost. With many of these resales priced thousands of dollars less on the secondary market, you'll get yourself a lifetime of vacations and an incredible deal on your next vacation ownership opportunity.

  • Browse our Raintree resale inventory for available timeshares.
  • Utilize our search options to determine your price range, resort type, unit size, destination, and more.
  • Submit your offer directly to the current owner when you find the timeshare of your dreams!

From here, you can negotiate the final price of the timeshare, determine your payment methods and timelines, and utilize's referral to a reliable timeshare closing service to finish the sale.

For those looking to sell their Raintree timeshare, we offer customized advertising services, as well!

Buying Raintree Timeshares

Raintree offers floating week, fixed-week, and point-based timeshare options for their timeshare owners. Before purchasing vacation ownership, you'll want to decide which resale would be best for your budget and for your needs. Here are some important questions to ask yourself during the buying process and depending on your answer, will lead you toward the type of Raintree Vacation Club ownership that makes the most sense for you:

  • Do you enjoy traveling to a familiar resort year after year?
  • Do you want to have flexible travel schedules and destinations?
  • Is there a specific week or season each year that you vacation?
  • Would you prefer to know you have a pre-reserved vacation each year?
  • Do you wish to make your vacations as long or as short as you desire?

Raintree Vacation Club Resales

Raintree resales offer vacationers the opportunity to travel to some of the most luxurious accommodations in a number of landscapes around the world. When you buy Raintree timeshare units, you're investing in a lifetime of adventure and fun! If you're looking to test out these resorts before purchasing, consider a Raintree timeshare rental first.

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