RCI Affiliated Resorts

Since RCI doesn't maintain any resort properties of its own, there technically isn't a way to own or rent an RCI resort. However, RCI is affiliated with some of the world's best known resorts, where vacationers can purchase timeshare resales or rentals and save thousands on future trips. To see all of our RCI affiliated properties, check out our RCI timeshare resale and rental inventory.

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Why RCI?

There are approximately 7,000 RCI affiliated resorts located all around the world. Some of the most popular timeshare resorts in the industry have teamed up with RCI to offer owners and club members the best exchange experience possible.

Additionally, RCI only affiliates with the best, most high-quality resorts. This ensures RCI members will always enjoy a top-notch vacation where ever they choose to travel.

You can buy timeshare resales with some of the brands listed below and pair it with an RCI membership to get the ultimate vacation experience—while saving thousands of dollars on timeshare ownership in the process!

RCI-Affiliated Resorts in the United States

RCI-Affiliated Resorts International Locations

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