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With an onus on embracing the great outdoors from Atlantic to Pacific, Coast to Coast Resorts employs a system of campgrounds and RV lots to provide its members with unforgettable excursions and road trips. With affiliated resorts and campgrounds in multiple states, you'll find an abundance of sites to set up your RV, camper, or tent and enjoy vacation the way it was meant to be. Despite the camping-friendly manner of Coast to Coast, you'll still find that many locations offer modern amenities like swimming pools, beach access, clubhouses, and more to ensure a comfortable trip for all involved.

Coast to Coast Resorts feature secure, family-friendly grounds that will facilitate easy vacations each year. Three different membership tiers allow you to create a custom ownership method that works best for you, while a range of coordinated on-site activities and amenities will ensure you have a great time once you get to your destination. With dozens upon dozens of locations in its directory, the vacation possibilities are almost endless with a Coast to Coast timeshare.

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Coast to Coast RV Owner Benefits

Owning a Coast to Coast Resorts timeshare can lead to years of amazing RV and camping trips packed with special owner benefits. However, there's a way you can secure those great vacation solutions for thousands less—timeshare resale. By purchasing your timeshare on the resale market, you can find exclusive ownership options for prices up to 70% lower than retail costs. With those savings, you can keep more in the bank while still locking down the exclusive ownership options you crave.

Since Coast to Coast is a wide brand of resorts with locations all over the country, you'll find that timeshare resales typically come in the form of floating weeks. This allows you to book reservations at certain campgrounds and properties any time of year through Coast to Coast's easy online reservation system. What's more, RV drivers can combine reservations at different locations to create a fun-filled road trip excursion.

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