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Multi-Destination Sheraton

In 2016, Sheraton Vacation Ownership saw the importance of integrating a flexible and personalized timeshare program into its offerings for future owners and introduced the Sheraton Flex timeshare option. This point-based ownership program was designed to meet the needs of many vacationers who want to visit popular vacation spots like Orlando, Myrtle Beach, and Avon, Colorado. Essentially, Sheraton Flex has a portfolio of timeshare resorts in desired destinations where owners can utilize their points to book trips and to ensure their vacations are held to Sheraton's very impressive standards every time they travel.

Each of Sheraton Flex's resorts is designed for nearly any type of vacationer imaginable. Properties typically have a range of accommodations available—from studios to three-bedroom suites that can often fit anywhere from 2-12 guests depending on the specific unit. On the properties themselves, there are usually a number of amenities to utilize such as swimming pools, hot tubs, game areas, sports courts, and kids areas which make it the perfect place for the entire family to spend a vacation together.

Sheraton Flex timeshares are the ideal option for so many vacationers out there—why not you? Not only can you travel to some of the best Sheraton resorts and other properties around the globe, but you can save thousands of dollars by shopping for's marketplace! With more questions, please give our independent timeshare resale experts a call today at 1-877-815-4227.

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Sheraton Flex Resale Owner Benefits

Sheraton Flex is a point-based timeshare program where points are used as a form of currency in order to book vacations. Vacation point values vary depending on the specifics of each vacation such as how long an owner wishes to vacation, the size of the timeshare unit they wish to book, what time of year they would like to travel, and more. With this program, Flex owners have a more customizable vacationing experience each time they travel.

Though there are some restrictions with a Sheraton Flex timeshare resale, there are far more opportunities with all the money you could save by shopping on the secondary market. has hundreds of resales available in our database, so you can choose from any of the incredible deals available!

A Sheraton-Affiliated Resort

Now known as Vistana Signature Experiences, Sheraton Flex is a part of the Starwood Vacation Ownership family. While timeshare resale owners do face restrictions with their ownerships such as not being able to use the brand's StarOptions and StarPoints benefits, the amount of money saved by shopping on the secondary market and use of external exchange programs often outweighs the internal exchange benefits.

Exchange with Interval International

Sheraton Flex's affiliation with Interval International opens up a world of external timeshare exchange possibilities to its owners and is great for resale owners who want a wider variety of exchange options. As a Sheraton Flex owner, simply purchase an affordable annual membership, deposit your points, and trade with any comparable timeshare exchanges within Interval's impressive database.

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