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You'll find nothing but pure relaxation at the many adult only timeshares located around the globe! Browse our inventory of adult only resort resales and rentals to find the perfect spot to spend your next vacation kid-free!

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Adult Only Resorts

Whether you're a busy parent looking to getaway, a couple wanting some quiet time, or a group of friends who want to vacation away from families, adult only timeshares are a great investment! Similar to how family resorts have a number of on-site amenities that are great for guests of all ages, adult resorts have features that are geared towards grown ups and their favorite vacation activities!

Private pools, soaking tubs, ocean views, world-class spas, private beaches, refined restaurants, dynamic nightlife, specialty classes, fitness programs, and all-inclusive options are just some of the many preferred property features offered at many adults only resorts around the world. Though family vacations with little ones are memorable and exciting, there's nothing quite like a relaxing vacation surrounded by other like-minded travelers looking to have similar experiences. Many of these properties are located in tropical settings like the Caribbean or Mexico, and have so much to do, you don't have to leave to experience a well-rounded vacation. The most difficult part of finding an adult only resort timeshare is deciding between the many options available on the secondary market.

Annual adult only vacations don't have to be a dream—you can find an affordable vacation ownership opportunity through resales or rentals on marketplaces like! We have an inventory of adult only resort options in some of the most popular destinations! There's a timeshare resort out there that's perfect for your needs and you could save thousands by shopping for them on our marketplace!

Best Adult Only Resorts

Explore the many stunning cities in your favorite Caribbean and Mexican destinations at these adult only timeshare resorts! These properties are known for their spacious accommodations and plethora of on-site amenities that make each vacation relaxing and fun!

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