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When searching for a partner to provide our sellers with reliable timeshare closings, investigated hundreds of timeshare transfer companies, ultimately settling on With decades of experience in the industry, Timeshare Closing Services (TCS) handles more than 10,000 legal timeshare transfers each month through its convenient Internet-based services. To learn how to transfer a timeshare to someone and how simple transferring timeshare to a new owner can be, take a step-by-step look at TCS's timeshare closing process below.

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  1. Seller places an ad on, finds a buyer and negotiates the timeshare sale price.
  2. Buyer provides basic contact information to the seller in order to start the closing and open escrow.
  3. Either the buyer or seller should then contact Timeshare Closing Services to begin the closing process.
  4. Timeshare Closing Services will then confirm the details of the transaction with both parties. Deposit must be delivered at this time and is placed into a closing trust account.
  5. The seller must then provide the proper timeshare ownership documentation. This can include a deed or Membership Certificate depending on the type of ownership.
  6. TCS will then draw up the necessary documents and send them out to both parties.
  7. Seller and buyer review documents, provide necessary signatures, and return documents to TCS per instructions.
  8. TCS will then provide a copy of the deed to the County and State recording departments or the resort for final approval.
  9. Once the deed is returned to Timeshare Closing Services, TCS will mail the deed to the new owner and provide a copy to the resort or management company.

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Start to finish, the timeshare closing process normally takes between 30 to 60 days.

Thanks to's partnership with Timeshare Closing Services, standard timeshare transfers have never been easier!

To learn more about the timeshare transfer process and timeshare closings, please call Sell My Timeshare NOW at 1-877-815-4227 or visit Timeshare Closing Services for more information.

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