Timeshare Financing FAQ

Whether you own a timeshare or would like to purchase a timeshare, there are many things you will want to know about timeshare financing and different ways to manage your timeshare finances as an owner. Whether you are looking to refinance or donate your timeshare, these frequently asked timeshare financing questions can help you better understand your ownership.

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FAQs for Timeshare Financing

Yes! Like any other loans, timeshare loans can be refinanced. The way this is handled varies by individual case and we encourage you to contact us directly for more information. And when you buy a timeshare resale, you can feel confident and paying significantly less for your ownership so that you may not even need to refinance.

Yes, and no. If you are utilizing your timeshare and visiting it yourself, you can't write off your timeshare maintenance fees. However, if you own your timeshare and are using it to rent out for profit, you are able to write off a portion of your annual dues. Again, this has some varying factors, and we encourage you to speak with your accountant or a tax professional to ensure you take the proper measures.

You can donate your timeshare to charity, if you qualify. We offer timeshare donation services through a couple of affiliates. For full information on this process and to see if you qualify, visit our donate timeshare page.

Purchasing a timeshare is like making any other big purchase. Your credit score will be affected, but how you handle your ownership will affect how much. If you fall behind on your payments on your loan or maintenance fees, your credit will be affected.

Of course, if you choose to terminate your timeshare contract and foreclose on your vacation ownership property, that will result in a significant drop to your credit score. This will make it harder to make big purchases in the future.

Be sure to take buying a timeshare seriously, and don't purchase something you can't afford to pay for.

Yes. You can inherit your timeshare that your parents own, and your children can eventually inherit your timeshare. This all depends on what kind of timeshare contract you own. With a Right To Use (RTU) contract, you only have ownership of the timeshare for a set number of year. But with a deeded timeshare contract, you own for life and it will get passed down to your heirs.

While an inherited timeshare could be a gift, it can also become a burden. Luckily, we're here to help you sell your timeshare if you inherited one you can't afford or do not want. Contact us today to learn more.

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