Bonus Time

What is Bonus Time?

Bonus time is a benefit offered to owners by many timeshare resorts. For owners, it is time spent at a resort that does not fall within the allocated week. These Developer Bonus Weeks (DBW) can come in the form of reduced rates for daily-rentals (sometimes as much as 50% off), or can come in the form of free weeks issued by the resort because any additional revenue created by owners' utilization of this bonus time helps to offset operating, maintenance and marketing costs.

Bonus timeshare becomes valuable to owners because its usage has no affect on right-to-use contracts or deeded arrangements. It is simply a bonus offered by resorts where both parties can benefit. These weeks are issued directly from the resort as unsold developer-owned weeks. They are often offered as a sign-on bonus. Bonus Time can also be issued by an exchange company such as RCI or Interval International. Exchange companies offer Bonus Time as incentives to owners to deposit their high-demand resort weeks into the exchange company inventory.

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