Fixed Week

What is a Fixed Week?

Ownership of a Fixed Week affords owners use of the unit for that specific week every year or every other year for the life of their contract or deed. On a traditional timeshare calendar, each week in the year is given a number starting with the first week of the year and continuing through the end of December. Most Fixed Weeks begin on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday; and vary by country and resort.

Fixed Weeks are an excellent option if you're looking to plan your vacations around specific events, like school vacations, anniversaries, holidays or reunions, and want to ensure your property will be available for use when is convenient for you. Based on the desirability of your Fixed Week (for example, weeks around the holidays are generally more desirable) your property will have higher or lower trade value within exchange companies like RCI. Additionally, your maintenance fees may be higher or lower to account for securing your desired week.

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