Floating Week

What is a Floating Week?

With a Floating Week, an owner's usage is determined by season, and the week usage is not fixed.

Most resorts have high, medium and low seasons, though some are qualified by color (such as platinum, gold and red). Rather than a Fixed Week, which assigns owners to a particularly numbered week every year, ownership of a Floating Week means that vacationers can choose when they'd like to use their timeshare within their designated season. There are two main types of Floating Weeks:

  • Floating weeks based on fixed rotation are a type of timeshare ownership in which specific weeks rotate among owners from year to year on a fixed schedule. This kind of Floating Week is most common with fractional ownership interests/private residence clubs.
  • Floating weeks based on ownership rotation are a type of ownership in which the owner purchases week(s) and works out the appropriate vacation time with the other owners on a rotating basis each year.

Typically, resorts will accept requests for specific weeks as soon as the annual or biennial maintenance fees have been paid. Therefore, the earlier these maintenance fees are paid, the better the chance that the owner can pick the week they'd really like to use.

Floating Weeks are preferential to many owners because they afford maximum flexibility so that travelers can take advantage of unexpected time-off or vacation opportunities.

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