Gold Crown Resort

What is a Gold Crown Resort?

A Gold Crown Resort is the highest rated resort category that Resort Condominiums International (RCI) designates. It is similar to Interval International's "five-star resort" category. Gold Crown Resorts have the highest trade power within the RCI network, which means that owners of Gold Crown Resorts will have more options when exchanging their property.

The trading power of your resort is based on a number of factors including the supply of resorts in RCI's current inventory, the demand for time at that resort, the desirability of the specific week, geographic location, as well as the levels of quality and service at the resort you deposit (which will be determined by the resort rating). Gold Crown Resorts also glean a greater number of points in RCI's point-exchange program. You can expect a Gold Crown Resort to represent the epitome of luxury, quality and service.

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